Analysis of the DoD Helicopter Market

Analysis of the DoD Helicopter Market 3 Jul, 12, Source: ReportLinker

This research forecasts the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) helicopter market, including general trends and program analysis. This market includes seven classifications of helicopter platforms as well as miscellaneous helicopter parts and services. Military helicopters provide end users with many capabilities, including air-to-ground attack and assault, troop and cargo transport, intelligence and surveillance gathering, resupply, and special missions (e.g., anti-submarine warfare). Overall, the DoD helicopter market is expected to shrink 5.5 percent each year throughout the study’s forecast period.

The 2013 Department of Defense (DoD) budget request is $xxx.xx billion, including $xxx.xx billion in base funds and $xx.xx billion in overseas contingency operations (OCO) funds.

Military helicopter funding through 2017 is forecast to experience a negative x.x percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Procurement spending will be at least xx times greater than research, development, testing, and evaluation (RDT&E) spending in all forecast years, except 2017.

The Army is forecasted to spend $x.xx billion on military helicopters in 2013. This represents nearly half of the total forecast budget of $xx.xx billion.

Assault/Transport is the helicopter segment with the largest 2013 budget request, at $x.xx billion.

In 2011, the DoD awarded $xx.xx billion to xxx companies in the helicopter market. Sikorsky, a United Technologies (UTX) company, was the top firm with $x.xx billion in contracts.

The top 10 market competitors were responsible for a commanding xx.x percent of market spending in 2011.

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