Naka Nihon to operate Japan’s first EC135P2e for Doctor Heli

Naka Nihon to operate Japan’s first EC135P2e for Doctor Heli

13-Jul-2012 Source: Eurocopter

(elctronic translation from Japanese)

Nakanihonkoku Inc., the machine operating 11 EC135 helicopters for the doctor, has been quick to provide a means of fast-moving medical institutions from the scene of the accident. Other, made ​​by Eurocopter helicopters operated 30 aircraft, news gathering, has been engaged in the mission, such as disaster prevention.

President Mikio Kunimitsu Nakanihonkoku Inc., the Company “, which operated for 12 years the EC135, its low vibration and low noise, operating costs, maintenance cost, we have very satisfied. To this that can contribute to achievements and EC135, and through its own after-sales support of Eurocopter Japan, has led to the introduction of this additional. was received this time, the implementation of the rescue and secure more quickly, flight is in EC135P2e enhanced was, “said Xiang. Eurocopter President & CEO Stefan JapanーMorzine is like Nakanihonkoku “is prior to the start helicopter flight doctor, more than 10 years, the Company operates an EC135.

EC135P2e was delivered this time, equipped with the latest technology has been, as I mentioned our, “and is willing even after the sale, maintenance and services, such as by training, continues to meet the needs of customers, continue to support the mission of your fullest. EC135 is a twin-engine helicopter class 3 tons of the latest lightweight, low-noise, low vibration design-conscious high level of safety, the environment, the cabin has easy-to-use, due to high utilization and high maintainability, excellent cost performance It features a.

Since its debut in 1996, boasts an overwhelming global market share, more than 1,000 aircraft were delivered in the world, from 270’s customers in 58 countries, including emergency medical, news gathering, police, for for company and passenger, pilot has been operated in various applications, such as for training. In domestic, EC135, which will be operated 23 aircraft for the Doctor Heli, helicopter manufactured by Eurocopter, including (EC145) has accounted for more than 80% BK117. By Payload, maximum takeoff weight was increased compared to 40kg EC135P2e was delivered this time, traditional and EC135, a lot of medical equipment can now be installed. Including the operation of Doctor Heli, news gathering, the contributions of the police mission, such as disaster management is expected. By introducing a special kit, you can also upgrade from the EC135 + version.

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