NATA Presents FBO Success Seminar

NATA Presents FBO Success Seminar 14 Aug, 12, Source: NATA

The National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) acclaimed FBO Success Seminar Series will head to Dallas, Texas, September 12-14 with an emphasis on improving the vital parts of an FBO operation.
This will be the first FBO Success Seminar hosted by an FBO facility – the award-winning Business Jet Center.

“Seeking operational help for an FBO is no different than seeking medical help for an illness,” said John Enticknap, president of Aviation Business Strategies Group (ABSG) and facilitator for the seminar. “Sometimes we need a closer look at all the vital parts in order to come up with a remedy that puts us on the path to prosperity. That’s why we call it an MRI for Your FBO.”

Enticknap explained that the seminar, aimed at FBO owners, operators, managers and financial personnel, utilizes a well-balanced, three-pronged approach to doing vital discovery work.

According to Enticknap, the MRI three-letter acronym stands for the following:
. M = Maximizing Profits
. R = Reducing Expenses
. I = Improving FBO Productivity and Bottom-Line Performance

In addition to the 10 sessions addressing financial and operational productivity, the seminar places an emphasis on networking with other FBOs and learning various best practices through lively roundtable discussions. Business Jet Center will also conduct a tour of their facility, allowing attendees an opportunity to see first-hand the inner workings of this highly successful FBO.

Registration for the FBO Success Seminar is available on NATA’s Web site, The cost for the three-day seminar is $625 for NATA members and $725 for non-members. FBOs registering two or more attendees receive more than a 20% discount, per registrant.

About Aviation Business Strategies Group
Aviation Business Strategies Group (ABSG) was founded in 2006 by aviation FBO service and marketing veterans John Enticknap and Ron Jackson. Their goal is to help aviation service companies, FBOs in particular, become more profitable by sharing and teaching their proprietary10 Steps to FBO Success. Through a series of seminars, workshops, webinars and personal business coaching, the team at ABSG has helped FBOs solve practical problems and create winning solutions.

About National Air Transportation Association
NATA, the voice of aviation business, is the public policy group representing the interests of aviation businesses before the Congress and federal agencies.

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