Baltimore Police start operating new EC120 fleet

Baltimore Police start operating new EC120 fleet

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Following the decision to replace their existing Eurocopter EC120 fleet, Baltimore Police have recently launched operations with the first of their four new helicopters – replacing the four old ones which are all at or close to their 12 year overhaul.  By taking new aircraft, the Maryland city has also been provided the opportunity to improve on the equipment fit, and Lt. Don Bauer, commander of the aviation unit was quoted recently as saying that they “have a new camera system and a new computer system, and a rear TFO station for our tactical flight officers.  Now we have a lot better range on our camera, we can basically fly a lot higher, see a lot more, capture video better.”

Two of the old EC120s have been sold to an undisclosed customer in Norway

In due course, the Robinson R66 is expected to be a major player for the current EC120 law enforcement market, coming as it does with slightly higher payload, 10-15 knots faster and an airframe at half the price of the French-built competitor.  While the police role equipment will bring the delivered price above the 50% figure, the difference will be so significant that we expect a number of police units to consider the cost benefits of both operating and purchasing the US-built turbine.  The FAA is expected to certify the police version of the R66 in the very near future.

Airframe data – the old Baltimore fleet

– serial 1124 – N451F – sold on to Norway
– serial 1199 – N452F – sold on to Norway
– serial 1205 – N453F – re-registered N453V to free up registration for new aircraft (see below)
– serial 1219 – N454F – re-registered N454V to free up registration for new aircraft (see below)

Airframe data – the new Baltimore fleet

– serial 1652 – N451F
– serial 1656 – N452F
– serial 1658 – N453F
– serial 1666 – N454F

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