Germany’s Heli Aviation takes delivery of their 6th Cabri

Germany’s Heli Aviation takes delivery of their 6th Cabri

31-Aug-2012 Source: Heli Aviation

[Electronic translation of local language press release]  Last Friday, the D-HAVH landed in Augsburg, it is the sixth Heli Aviation Cabri G2. Launch – in time for the completion of the new building also Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY Guimbal the helicopter with the serial number 1038 will begin to operate.

On their national and international locations, Heli Aviation is now able to better meet the customers’ needs in the practical training as a helicopter pilot. The number of available Cabri G2 helicopter offers a maximum of flexibility in scheduling, and for our charter customers.

Still the Heli Aviation GmbH, with its Guimbal Cabri G2 training helicopters, the most modern and safest way of practical pilot training for their flight students, nationally and internationally. Not only the lack of mast bumping is an important safety aspect but also the many helpers in the glass cockpit of Guimbal. So, which is approved for night flying HAVH D, in addition to the round gauges, equipped with two 16.5 cm large LCD screens, known as EPM.While on a pilot Electronic Monitor (EPM) all engine and rotor parameters can be determined, the second EPM is used as a navigation screen. In addition, the Electronic pilot can monitor the precise fuel consumption, the capacity with the remaining flight time and the last flights are displayed with the associated landing times. Unique in this class of helicopters is also the multiple-limit indicator (MLI) of Cabri G2, you can at the maximum available power is shown.

The continuously improved state-of-the-art technology and the resulting great flight characteristics make the new Cabri G2 to a helicopter training class.Thanks to the excellent cooperation with the manufacturer Guimbal it was desired to our unique worldwide experience of more than 3000 flying hours and associated maintenance in-house EASA Part-145 maintenance organization in the development of new Guimbal CABRI G2 contribute. This allowed, also due to the Heli Aviation feedback to the developers, other technical improvements in the new G2 are made.

With the renewed expansion of its helicopter fleet reinforces Heli Aviation GmbH their existing global corporate records around the Cabri G2 helicopter:

  • With six Guimbal Cabri G2 machines Heli Aviation has the largest future Cabri helicopter fleet which is actively used in a business
  • Flown more than 3000 hours and the associated maintenance in its own EASA Part-145 maintenance organization, Heli Aviation has the largest flight and maintenance experience on the Guimbal Cabri G2
  • With over 2900 flight hours, within the practical training as a helicopter pilot, has the Heli Aviation flight instructor team of the largest training and flight experience in training flights on the Guimbal Cabri G2(8/2012)

In order to continue to offer the highest safety standards and the best flexibility when training for helicopter pilot may be the Heli Aviation GmbH has decided to equip their training fleet in the fall to provide two Guimbal Cabri G2, the French aircraft manufacturer Guimbal in their services.

Use our experience and flexibility in your training as a helicopter pilot, learn about our extensive training on favorable terms. Suggested, we are happy to answer your general questions in advance about: helicopter pilot training at a fixed price, on the Guimbal G2. Toll free from Heli Aviation helicopter info hotline 0800 10 99 800 or by e-mail via our contact form .

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