New R44 Stability Augmentation System approved

New R44 Stability Augmentation System approved

11-Sep-2012 Source: Cool City Avionics

Cool City Electronics, Inc., dba Cool City Avionics, a manufacturer of low cost, professional-grade automatic flight control systems and stability augmentation systems for helicopters, is pleased to announce that it has received FAA Supplemental Type Certificate SR09624RC for its SAS-100 Stability Augmentation System, allowing its installation in Robinson R-44 helicopters.

The new Stability Augmentation System (SAS) improves aircraft dynamic stability in response to turbulence upsets while hovering and in flight. A SAS will typically remove upsets requiring less than 10% cyclic motion and will reduce the amplitude of larger upsets, thus requiring smaller pilot cyclic corrective inputs. A result is easier, and more accurate, hovering in turbulence and a more comfortable ride in cruise with fewer control inputs required by the pilot. The SAS uses roll and pitch actuators in series with the pilot and is transparent in operation. The SAS uses integral solid state gyros for high reliability and typically weighs less that 10 lbs. installed.
The low introductory price of the SAS, at $17,995, plus installation kit and installation, makes it affordable for many small helicopters. When the aircraft is later upgraded to a full SCAS/Autopilot system, the majority of the SAS purchase is deducted from the SCAS/Autopilot system price, so very little of the SAS investment is lost in the conversion.

Complete information about the SAS-100 is now available on the company website at:

Cool City Avionics has been developing and flight testing its new family of light weight, full function, professional-grade stability augmentation systems and autopilots for helicopters since late 2004. It is now in the final stages of FAA certification of its Automatic Flight Guidance Control System for helicopters. Cool City systems for airplanes are now in development for availability in 2013.

About Cool City Avionics

Cool City Avionics develops and manufactures modern, innovative automatic flight guidance control systems for General Aviation helicopters. The management team has more than 400 years of experience in the design, development and manufacture of AFGCS products, many of which still retain a majority market share after more than 25 years. For more information about the company and its products, please visit:

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