FlightOffice.com launches web-based ops management software

FlightOffice.com launches web-based ops management software

5-Oct-2012 Source: FlightOffice.com

Launched last week, FlightOffice.com is a web-based, simple-to-use, modular software system to easily manage entire helicopter and airplane flight operations in one place. It gives managers and staff a complete operational overview in real­­ time–whether they are at the office, in the field, or in a hotel room.

FlightOffice.com makes it simple for staff and different departments to work closely together in a unified operational ecosystem.

Key features include:

  • A Single Dashboard Layout
    Simple, easy to use and requires no training; burn-in for staff is fast. All information is in a single place so it’s very easy to switch between data without leaving the main screen.
  • Centralized Communication Centre
    Send messages, SOPs, memos and attachments to crews in the field, in the office, to individuals or groups of employees with a ‘must-read’ function.
  • Resource Planner
    View and plan resources such as jobs, crews, vehicles and aircraft on an easy-to-use scheduler timeline.
  • Flight & Duty

Ensure full legal compliance–duty, flight time and rest, calculate upcoming restrictions; view duty and flight hours remaining.

  • Pilot Report
    Enter flight tickets, duty, expenses and more. Available to head office in real time, customers get daily flight tickets automatically.
  • Resource Management
    Manage all your resources from a centralized place. Aircraft, Customers, Contracts, Jobs, Pilot Reports, Crews and Users, Vehicles, Waypoints and more.
  • Crew Records
    Manage your crew records, view upcoming expiration dates and items, print reports and more. Get notices when things are due.
  • Reporting
    View and print reports such as Flight Tickets, Job Sheets, Crew Schedule, KPIs and more.
  • Key Performance Indicators
    Get a live overview of your entire operations such as flight hours, revenue, sales forecasts based on contracts and more.
  • Crew Scheduling
    Set scheduling patterns and shift types. Check against crew records and duty regulations to ensure legal compliance of schedule.
  • Document Management
    Easily manage documents, manuals, memos, FSI/LSI, SOPs. Track edits, changes and versions. Set distribution lists and see who has viewed it.

“We wanted to build something that the industry has needed for a long time. We wanted to help management forget about managing paperwork and focus instead on customers and growing the business. So instead of duplicate information stored in various programs, in different places, on different computers, information is centrally stored, always current and shared throughout your operations–which means up-to-the-minute business intelligence,” said Lee Johnson, Founder.

FlightOffice.com is offering live demos and free trials. See FlightOffice.com for more details.

About FlightOffice.com

FlightOffice.com is a cutting-edge flight operations software platform that eliminates complex, expensive and error-prone paperwork, spreadsheets and manual processes and replaces it, at minimal cost, with a solution that is easily affordable, simple to use and geared to the way companies operate every day. More information is available at FlightOffice.com.

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