Bond/INAER parent company renames as Avincis; based in UK

Bond/INAER parent company renames as Avincis; based in UK

16-Oct-2012 Source: Avincis Group

Avincis Mission Critical Services (Avincis Group) has established itself in the UK today as the world’s leading provider of mission critical aviation services.

The Group’s mission is to save lives, protect the environment and provide safe transport for mission critical people and assets for public services and blue chip corporations.  Avincis’ operating companies deliver across three service areas: Life and Rescue, including Search and Rescue and Air Ambulance; Safety and Environment, including, fire-fighting, fisheries and marine protection and border patrol, disaster response, civil protection and marine pilotage; and Energy Support, including the transport of assets to remote locations such as oil and gas rigs and wind turbines.

Avincis has a global footprint which includes the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Chile and Peru. The Group operates around 350 rotary and 50 fixed-wing aircraft, from 295 bases in ten countries.  Avincis employs almost 3,000 people worldwide and at end 2011 had an annualised turnover of €521 million (£421 million). The Group will be headquartered in London.

In 2011, Avincis companies flew in excess of 126,000 hours, conducted more than 3,900 Search and Rescue missions over seas and mountains, over 36,000 air ambulance missions, rescued more than 7,000 people from life-threatening situations, flew more than 8,800 fire fighting missions and flew over 180,000 people over the North Sea.

The Group’s operating companies are focused on serving their individual local markets and customers under the Inaer (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Chile and Peru), Bond (UK, Ireland and Australia), Australian Helicopters (Australia) and Norsk Helikopterservice (Norway) brands. Each company has the resources and assets it needs to deliver local service to the high standards set by Avincis.

The function of the Avincis Group is to provide central resources, together with systems to deploy collective experience and capabilities across the operating companies.  The purpose is consistently to deliver the best operating standards and continuous improvement across all territories. Of primary importance is the Group’s oversight of safety standards, with this function represented at Board level, and the decision to institute a corporate target of Zero Accidents.

“Avincis’ ambition is to be recognised as the best provider of mission critical aviation services in the world”. James Drummond, Avincis Group Chief Executive said. “The scale and collective expertise of our combined group of businesses is unrivalled. In an industry which is globally fragmented, there is the opportunity, and the need, to define and establish a global standard of operation. Our focus is on safety – zero accidents – operational excellence and cost effectiveness for customers.”

“Our decision to locate in the UK reflects the supportive business environment here, as well as the excellent traditions of the aviation industries in Britain.  Around the world, we shall ensure the best resources, human and mechanical, together with the best systems, to give our customers and end users the quality of service they rightly expect and deserve.”

Lord Marland, Parliamentary Secretary for Business, Innovation and Skills, said: “I am delighted that Avincis has chosen to establish its global headquarters in the UK.

“The company’s commitment to locate in London will secure investment and generate jobs in the UK over the medium term. We also welcome the beneficial effect this move will have in helping some of the vital associated UK industries.”

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