Thales’s Reality H simulator achieves dual qualification

Thales’s Reality H simulator achieves dual qualification

30-Oct-2012 Source: Thales

Thales has announced that its Reality H helicopter simulator installed at the training centre recently opened by helicopter operator SAF group in Albertville, France, has been granted FTD (Flight Training Device) Level 3 and FFS (Full Flight Simulator) Level B qualification by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC), in accordance with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) criteria.

FTD Level 3 and FFS Level B qualification allows this latest-generation system to be used for EC135 helicopter type-rating training, and confirms its proven capacity (1) for recurrent training to support annual revalidation of pilot licences, annual operator proficiency checks (OPC) and line checks (in place of an actual helicopter). It can also be incorporated as part of an ab-initio training programme leading to a Commercial Pilot’s Licence for helicopters (CPL H) or Air Transport Pilot’s Licence for helicopters (ATPL H), including Instrument Rating (IR) and corresponding Proficiency Checks (PC).

The Reality H system provides highly realistic simulations of flight conditions in a range of natural and man-made environments (including mountainous terrain, coastal and urban areas), making it suitable for training personnel to conduct specific assignments such as SAR (search and rescue) and EMS (emergency medical services), which are the main activities of the SAF Group’s EC135 fleet.

The qualification of the Reality H EC135 simulator was achieved thanks to a powerful database built up from a series of real helicopter test flights conducted in partnership with SAF. Thales uses the data to model the flight mechanics and equipment represented in the simulator.

Three Reality H full-flight simulators are in operation around the world:

  • A Dauphin DN3 version at the Heli-Union training centre in France
  • Another Dauphin DN3 at Eurocopter South East Asia’s Singapore training centre
  • The EC135 simulator at SAF’s training centre in Albertville (France)

Leveraging the technological advances achieved by Thales’s new Reality H product

The EC135 full flight simulator meets the specific needs of helicopter operators, as well as increasing operational effectiveness and improving crew/operational safety. It is designed to maximise training capacity and availability while offering greater ease of installation and maintenance, and minimising environmental impact.

Flexible configuration capabilities

The modular Reality H simulator comprises a docking station and a dome-mounted visual system mounted on a six-axis electrically operated motion system. Interchangeable modules representing the cockpit of each simulated helicopter can be slotted into the docking station, allowing the integration of cockpits from other helicopter types, such as the Dauphin, Ecureuil (AS350), EC 225 or S-92. The instructor station module provides an optimised view of the crew undergoing training. The direct-projection visual system offers a wide field of view (210° x 70°) combined with high-resolution geospecific imagery from the ThalesView NG™ image generator. The system’s database encompasses a range of specific exercise zones, enabling a broad spectrum of training environments to be reconstructed, such as mid- and high-altitude mountain zones, maritime zones (including offshore drilling platforms), and high-density urban areas.

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