Latitude launches exclusive IONode FDM-by-Subscription offer

Latitude launches exclusive IONode FDM-by-Subscription offer 31 Oct, 12, Source: Latitude Technologies

Latitude Technologies announced from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) annual convention in Florida today the release of an industry-first Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) subscription offer, giving fleet operators the opportunity to dramatically reduce upfront capital cost by opting to deploy Latitude’s new IONode flight data recording and reporting unit and the IONode Analytics software platform through a month-by-month subscription.

“Operators everywhere have been hearing about our IONode flight data management system and its capabilities.” said Latitude Technologies President, Mark Insley. “We have been asked on several occasions about the possibility of offering a bundled service including the full IONode hardware and software package.  Operators want to see how the data captured by the IONode can help improve flight safety and operating efficiencies.  And because we want to make it simple for operators to get FDM embedded in their fleet operations, we are now offering for the first time the complete IONode FDM system in a subscription offer.”

The subscription includes use of the IONode ION100-004, with multi-mode antennae, IONode View service, IONode Analytics service, IONode BaseStation software, and applicable STCs.  Latitude has IONode STCs for hundreds of aircraft and will help operators obtain STCs for other aircraft.  Post-flight data offload by Wi-Fi or USB transfer to the fleet operations center and other data consumers within the customer’s operations is managed by Latitude’s IONode BaseStation software, bundled in with every IONode device.  Some of the useful data that operators can access with the IONode FDM system include but is not limited to attitude, bank angle, roll/pitch rate of change, acceleration thresholds, engine cycles, weight on wheels and skids, speed, heading, altitude, precise location, and much more.

Latitude is offering IONode FDM by subscription on a no-risk basis.  Customers can cancel their subscription and return the IONode hardware with only one month’s notice.  Customers interested in IONode FDM by subscription will be able to upgrade and customize their IONode FDM system in all the same ways as a customer purchasing an IONode FDM solution outright.  This includes, for example, upgrading to a SkyNode S200 to add voice and real-time exceedance alert capability.  Customers will also be able to set up the IONode’s I/Os to capture data points not included in the standard predetermined array such as data feeds from other data acquisition units, flight data recorders and air data computers.

“The ability to add the real-time data and voice connectivity with the SkyNode S200 gives our customers options to capture not only the flight data they need to obtain, but also control when the data is delivered to the customer’s fleet operations center or maintenance shop – or both.  We like giving customers options.  We have a strong, established tradition of providing solutions to customers that are adaptable, affordable, and reliable.  Whether our customer is a major commercial fleet or a small regional operator, this new subscription service gives them an opportunity to try our IONode FDM system in an exceptionally cost-affordable way and witness how we can enhance every aspect of the customer’s fleet operations,” said Insley.

Operators interested in discussing subscription rates, product details, specific STC requirements, and other program details are encouraged to visit Latitude at Booth #4389 at NBAA or call the Latitude sales team at 1-888-966-5599.

About Latitude Technologies

Latitude Technologies Corp., headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia, is a vertically integrated manufacturer and provider of flight data, flight following, and satellite communications equipment and services.  Latitude’s SkyNode® products are the most versatile and economical-to-operate aeronautical communication devices in the world.  The company’s IONodeÔ is the industry’s first lightweight flight data recorder and advanced data acquisition unit, capable of real-time event and exceedance alerts and automated post-flight wireless data transfer.  SkyNode and IONode STCs are available for hundreds of airframes.  Latitude provides reliable and secure aviation data and communication options for crew safety, fleet logistics, and operations and maintenance efficiency with WebSentinelÔ flight data management platform for desktops, dispatch centers, and mobile devices.  For more information about Latitude’s flight data and satcom solutions, visit or call 1-888-966-5599.

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