Formation of Atlantic Aviation creates new force in Nigeria

Formation of Atlantic Aviation creates new force in Nigeria 6 Nov, 12, Source: Jagal Group

Jagal Group today announced the operational start-up of its subsidiary Atlantic Aviation, a helicopter-transportation company providing services to Nigeria’s oil-and-gas industry. Atlantic Aviation is supported by CHC Helicopter, a world leader in providing high-quality helicopter services to customers with offshore O&G platforms and vessels.

Atlantic Aviation has been issued an air-operating certificate (AOC) and is now ready to provide its customers with quality operating standards and delivery. Atlantic Aviation is proud to build on CHC’s safety and technology leadership in helicopter services, which are widely acknowledged as and continue to set the standard for excellence.

Twin engine medium aircraft (Sikorsky S76C+ helicopters) are already in country, soon to be followed by several of the Agusta Westland AW139 helicopters that are highly acclaimed and much favoured by the O&G industry. With this fleet of medium-lift helicopters, Atlantic Aviation is able to serve all of the offshore operators in Nigeria with more than sufficient range to access even deepwater rigs and installations.

Atlantic Aviation has already established a permanent base on Snake Island with state of the art facilities and hangarage. Atlantic Aviation is currently developing an operational hub in Port Harcourt that will serve the epicentre Niger Delta region.

With the expertise of Jagal and CHC, Atlantic Aviation is extremely well placed to provide the Nigeria O&G industry with seamless helicopter-transportation services. Plans are also afoot to bring global expertise to much-needed search-and-rescue services in the country, giving greater confidence to the O&G industry and the aviation sector in general.

Anwar Jarmakani, chairman of Jagal Group, commented, “We are proud to have set up this world-class helicopter services company, harnessing the safety and quality standards from the global arena and being able to offer superior services to the Nigerian market. As Atlantic Aviation grows, we intend to develop our talent to deliver international standards here at home.”

Note to Editor:

Jagal Group is a wholly owned indigenous company that has added value in Nigeria for over 40 years. The company operates businesses in the energy, real estate and manufacturing sectors, and has several leading joint ventures that are operating in these industries today. Jagal today offers strategic solutions across the industry segments it operates in, focusing on long-term added value, capacity building and world-class delivery of projects to its customers. Through its partnerships across its businesses it has achieved major milestones and a series of firsts for Nigeria in its operations.

CHC Helicopter is a leader in enabling customers to go further, do more and come home safely, including oil and gas companies, government search-and-rescue agencies and organizations requiring helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul services through the Heli-One division. The company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and operates more than 250 aircraft in about 30 countries around the world.

Through Atlantic Aviation, CHC has an exclusive partnership with Jagal in Nigeria. There is tremendous focus to operate a robust, sustainable, long term, world-class business. Atlantic Aviation has the expertise to fulfil any helicopter requirements for the demanding offshore operators. With a unique blend of highly trained and qualified Nigerian professionals, coupled with world-class dedicated oil-and-gas helicopter expertise, Atlantic Aviation is able to provide operational excellence from Day 1.

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