Aermatica cleared to test UAV in non-segregated airspace

Aermatica cleared to test UAV in non-segregated airspace

12-Nov-2012 Source: Aermatica

ENEL, the main Italian electric utility and one of the most important in the world, started a study concerning remote monitoring of its own power plants through small RPA. The possibility to satisfy those needs is only partially matter of mere technology; on the contrary starting of use of small RPA in professional industrial contexts strictly requires an aeronautical approach.

AERMATICA, the only one company having a permit to fly released by the Italian Civil Aviation Authority for small RPA, is performing an experimentation in an ENEL power plant, getting all the relevant authorizations from the Civil Aviation Authority, to acquire data that represent the “proof of safety” of that application. The whole process has been defined, combining aeronautical rules with general safety rules on industrial working places, drowing up procedures, getting permit to fly, coordinating with plant safety responsible and, finally, performing flight tests in the target environment.

This is the only one process capable to demonstrate how RPA can be useful in such a context strictly following safety constraints and therefore enabling the commercial use in the industrial applicative market.

ANTEOS is the first rotary wing RPA (remotely piloted aircraft)  to have obtained official permission to fly (Permit To Fly) issued in civil airspace and will be the first able to work in non segregated airspace.

The authorization for civil applications is a mandatory and differentiating factor that enable the provision of insurance policies for aerial work.
Userfriendliness and rapid mission planning and deployment are further strengths  that characterize our RPA.

AERMATICA has built its leading role on the emerging market of the RPA developing a systemic solution to the matters related on it, starting from the design of systems certified and covered by appropriate insurance products with the definition of the characteristics and methods of training to provide license commercial pilot, with the structuring of the aviation-like organization necessary to get the status of a qualified maintenance center and qualified operator of aerial work.

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