Floating heliport in Sydney Harbour to open in December

Floating heliport in Sydney Harbour to open in December 23 Nov, 12, Source: Newcastle Helicopters

Newcastle Helicopters has gained government approval to operate a Floating Heliport in Sydney Harbour from early next month.

Answering the growing need for helicopter based services in the Sydney CBD area, Newcastle Helicopters, have developed the concept of a powered flat top vessel based on central Sydney Harbour, complete with two helipad sites and deck space to manage passenger operations.

Helicopter services with such close proximity to the Sydney CBD area have not been available since the 1980s, when the Darling Harbour Heliport was closed due to redevelopment of the site.

A central heliport is essential for Sydney to be regarded as a truly international city, such as New York or London, as it provides means to showcase the world-renowned Harbour and CBD as a hub for tourism and business.

The flexibility of a powered, movable Heliport allows it to be centrally located, utilising the amenity of the Harbour without the need for a fixed, land-based structure.

Passengers will access the Floating Heliport by existing Harbour water taxi services and other commercial operators.

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