Germany commits Tigers and NH90s to Afghanistan

Germany commits Tigers and NH90s to Afghanistan 25 Nov, 12, Source: German Army

[Electronic translation from German]  Finally it’s done. After a demanding mission preparation, the first support Tiger helicopter go later this year to Afghanistan. There they will protect German soldiers from the air.

Is the main task of the Tiger combat helicopter regiment 36 from Fritzlar be the first aerial reconnaissance. Furthermore, the Tigers afford fire support for troops on the ground. On the one hand this means that convoy protection and monitoring patrols, on the other, armed escort other aircraft. planned to install an insert band of two tigers and two machines as a technical reserve is in early December. The commitment should be made by the end of February 2013. These are machines for the equipment prior ASGARD-F , which are optimized for the Afghanistan deployment. This particular configuration includes among others the ballistic protection against gunfire from the ground and sand filters for the engines.

NH90 follows in spring 2013

Parallel to the laying of the Tiger helicopter support to multipurpose NH90 helicopter at the Army to get ready. These are the tigers in the spring of 2013, followed by Afghanistan. Core of NH90 mission in the Hindu Kush, the airborne rescue of wounded (will Foward Air Medical Evacuation ) be. A gang of Transport Helicopter Regiment 10 from Fassberg, consisting of a NH90 as rescue pilots and an NH90 as armed accompanying aircraft will ensure the constant readiness mission. Two other NH90 serve locally as a technical reserve.

The Tiger is a modern two-seat combat and support helicopters of Army Aviation Corps. Its hull is built to about 80 percent of composite materials. It has two powerful turbine engines and high firepower. For the Bundeswehr 40 tigers have been scheduled.

The multi-role helicopter NH90 was developed on behalf of the four countries, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. He is a helicopter in the 10-ton class and includes, starting from a base model, a whole product family. Moreover it means entering into new technologies such as a purely electronic control system ( fly-by-wire ), screen cockpits, automatic flight control, advanced composite materials as well as comprehensive and sophisticated mission equipment packages. With the NH90, both heavy loads as well as reference material or to transport 20 soldiers. The Bundeswehr will procure 80 NH90.

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