Heliair Sweden new Web Manuals client

Heliair Sweden new Web Manuals client 5 Dec, 12, Source: Web Manuals Sweden

Web Manuals Sweden AB is proud to announce that HeliAir Sweden has selected Web Manuals for writing and publishing operations manuals.

– HeliAir Sweden is one of the most exciting clients we have had join us during 2012 with their wide range of airborne services using complex and challenging technology. We are happy to see HeliAir Sweden as an addition to the list of rotary-wing operators using Web Manuals as a way of developing operational quality and safety by improving knowledge management, says Martin Lidgard, VP Strategy at Web Manuals Sweden AB.

– Web Manuals will be instrumental in supporting the coming period of growth for HeliAir Sweden and enabling us to reach our quality and flight safety goals in the meanwhile. Our mission to become a leading supplier of helicopter-related services in Scandinavia requires us to work with the tools and methods used by commercial airlines – and Web Manuals was the obvious choice, explains Björn Lindström, Quality Manager at HeliAir Sweden.

About Heliair Sweden
HeliAir Sweden is a helicopter operator with focused on aerial filming, transport and sling load missions. HeliAir Sweden provides Scandinavia with the amazing gyro-stabilized Cineflex V14 HD and Cineflex ELITE camera systems for TV-projects, movies, commercials, sports and live sporting events project. Heliair Sweden has flown a broad variety of missions in over 11 countries and are licensed to operate the Cineflex in over 50 countries. HeliAir Sweden has grown 20% over the last two years.

About Web Manuals Sweden
Web Manuals Sweden AB helps the aviation industry attain increased control and improved efficiency in operational knowledge management,  in collaboration with industry and regulatory entities. The company is based in Sweden and works with a global perspective on the aviation industry, building partnerships with the leading experts and suppliers in aviation knowledge management.

For more information, please visit www.webmanuals.aero 

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