“Christoph Berlin” upgrades to digital radios

“Christoph Berlin” upgrades to digital radios

4-Jan-2013 Source: DRF

[electronic translation] On time of the year the Berlin Air Rescue helicopter of the HDM is profit limited the future of wireless technology available, “Christoph Berlin” is now included in the digital radio for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). Thus the current analog radio has been replaced.

“The new digital radio offers us in the EMS many advantages: it is encrypted and therefore secure against eavesdropping. Moreover, the voice quality is improved because ambient noise is suppressed “, Christian Schulze, Project Manager at Digital Radio explains the DRF Air Rescue to the HDM Luftrettung heard.

Previously, the radio between the crew of “Christoph Berlin” and the emergency control centers, emergency services, the police and fire based on the analogue radio, which does indeed still functional but has disadvantages. It is not secure, and the transmission quality is sometimes poor.

Since the Bundestag on 28 August 2006 has passed the “Law on the Establishment of a Federal Agency for Digital Radio of authorities and organizations with security tasks”, is working on building a nationwide digital radio network. In future, therefore a uniform nationwide wireless network for emergency and security forces nationwide are available. The DRF Air Rescue will gradually equip their helicopters with the new technology.

Background information on the Berlin station

“Christoph Berlin” is used for quick and convenient transportation of critically ill patients between hospitals. He will also be alerted to emergencies in addition to existing emergency service as a fast emergency access road. In addition he is from Berlin Trauma Centre from operational 24 hours a day. Within 15 minutes, he can reach any destination within 50 kilometers as the crow. It is used primarily for use in Berlin and Brandenburg, but also in Saxony-Anhalt and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

The DRF Air Rescue

The HDM Luftrettung profit GmbH is part of the DRF Air Rescue. This is where 31 stations in Germany, Austria and Denmark, some 50 helicopters for emergency rescue and intensive care transport between hospitals, even at eight sites around the clock. In addition, global patient transports with own ambulance aircraft are performed.

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