Second EC145 arrives for Bolivian Air Force

Second EC145 arrives for Bolivian Air Force 7 Jan, 13, Source:

A ceremony was held on 20th December to mark the arrival of the Bolivian Air Force’s second Eurocopter EC145 of the two they ordered, carrying local serial FAB-004.  The event was  attended by President Evo Morales, Defense Minister Ruben Saavedra and other high-ranking military officials.

It will be operated by Air Group 31 from El Alto, and Will be available to the population in care to natural disasters, fire support, medical evacuations, supply in isolated areas and the transfer of personnel.

Photo shows the first EC145, FAB-003, which is operated by Air Group 51 from Cochabamba.  The new FAB-004 is Eurocopter serial number 9562

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