RSG Aerodesign delivers high performance aircon on AW109E

RSG Aerodesign delivers high performance aircon on AW109E

8-Jan-2013 Source: RSG Aerodesign

RSG Aerodesign has completed delivery and installation of a high performance air conditioner systemon the A109E model. The A109series High Performance Air Conditioning System (HPACS) is a proven high capacity vapor cycle system which is FAA STC approved for the Agusta A109A, A109AII, A109C and A109E model aircraft, FAA STC No. SR00060DE.The HPAC system is an upgrade to the existing RSG Products STC. Improvements to the system include two high performance blower motors for the forward and aft evaporators. These blower motors have been tested and approved to the latest DO160 testing. The System’s lightweight modular design uses R-134a refrigerant and consists of two main assemblies including the transmission-driven compressor assembly and the integrated condenser evaporator module. The A109c HPACS electrical control and power distribution circuitry protects the aircraft electrical generating systems and provides automatic load shedding in the event of loss of electrical generating power. A backlit control panel assembly is located in the cockpit within easy reach of both pilots for system control and operation.

The successful completion of this project has proven once again the capabilities of RSG in leading the industry in providing customers with high quality products, that exceed aviation standards.

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