Eurocopter Japan delivers EC135T2 to National Police Agency

Eurocopter Japan delivers EC135T2 to National Police Agency 1 Feb, 13, Source: Eurocopter

Eurocopter Japan delivered a brand new EC135 T2 to the National Police Agency (NPA) on 30 January 2013. It will be the first EC135 to be deployed to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) for law enforcement missions in the Tokyo prefecture.

The NPA and its police departments across Japan currently owns a fleet of 28 Eurocopter helicopters, which includes seven units of EC135 and 13 BK117s (EC145). These aircraft are operated by the police to guard the security interest of their respective prefectures. The newly acquired EC135 T2 will be the first EC135 to be deployed to the MPD, which also operates an EC155 B1 for a wide range of police activities, including life-saving operations, transportation, crime-prevention, security patrols and investigative search.

The MPD was the very first police department to begin using helicopters since 1959, and is the most frequent user of helicopters for law enforcement work amongst all police departments in Japan. Due to the varying landscapes of Tokyo prefecture which includes the Tokyo city center lined with skyscrapers, the Ogasawara Islands and the mountains on the outskirts of Tokyo, the MPD requires a range of helicopter types to tackle different missions and environmental challenges. In times of national disasters, the MPD has also been actively called upon for support.

“We are very honored to be able to deliver the first EC135 to MPD, which has a large and wellequipped Air Squadron,” said Stephane Ginoux, President & CEO of Eurocopter Japan. “The EC135 is a model that is well-established in the law enforcement market around the world as well as in Japan. We will offer a full suite of support and services, including maintenance, operational support, as well as training, to cater to our customers’ needs.”

The EC135 is a powerful, lightweight, twin-engine helicopter renowned for its multi-mission capabilities, top-notch technology and low operating costs. Bearing Eurocopter’s Fenestron® shrouded tail rotor, the EC135 is one of the quietest helicopters in its class, making it a highly popular aircraft for flying over cities and densely-populated areas, and especially favored by law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services (EMS) operators. There are currently 70 EC135s flying in Japan for EMS, police work, electronic news gathering, VIP transport and business aviation.


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