Norsk Helikopterservice receives first S-92

Norsk Helikopterservice receives first S-92

8-Feb-2013 Source: Avincis

Avincis Group (Avincis), the world’s leading provider of aerial services for mission critical operations, has today received the first of its record order of 16 new Sikorsky S-92 helicopters.  The order, placed in December 2011, is the largest single purchase of S-92s ever made.

Known for their robust design, safety features and performance, the new helicopters will be used by Avincis’ subsidiaries around the world to provide transportation for offshore oil and gas workers and for search and rescue work.

Headquartered in the UK, the Group provides central resources, global standards and systems and expertise to its 13 local operating companies.  The S-92s, which will be delivered over the next three years, will form part of Avincis’ global fleet of around 350 rotary and 50 fixed-wing aircraft which fly from 295 bases in ten countries.

Avincis CEO James Drummond said: “I am delighted to see the delivery of the first of this important addition to our fleet.  Avincis’ global scale allows us to ensure our local companies have access to the best resources for their customers.  Every day, lives and livelihoods depend on the operations we fly.  The size and diversity of our fleet, together with our absolute commitment to safety and quality, means we are equipped to save lives, protect the environment and provide energy services across the world.”

Avincis’ subsidiaries operate under the Bond (UK, Norway, Ireland and Australia), Norsk Helikopterservice (Norway), Inaer (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Chile and Peru) and Australian Helicopters brands.  In 2011 the group transported over 180,000 people across the North Sea, conducted more than 3,900 search and rescue missions over seas and mountains, over 36,000 air ambulance missions, rescued more than 7,000 from life-threatening situations and flew over 8,800 fire fighting missions.

The aircraft was accepted this week by Bjorn Seljevold, Managing Director of Norsk Helikopterservice (NHS).  The first two of Avincis’ S-92s will be registered in Norway before being flown to Aberdeen, where an NHS crew will initially operate them for Bond customers in the UK North Sea sector.  They are expected to return to begin operations in Norway before the end of 2013.

Avincis is pleased to be working with Milestone Aviation Group (Milestone), a world leader in helicopter leasing, which is financing the first four of its S-92 helicopters.  Richard Santulli, Chairman of Milestone said: “We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Avincis and support the growth of their business with the addition of the S-92 to their fleet. This great aircraft will allow Avincis, a world-class operator, to offer even more options to their customers all over the world.”

All 16 S-92s will feature equipment and systems necessary for operations in the North Sea region, in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency’s requirements.  These include five flotation devices, two auto-deployable life rafts, satellite flight following communications and a main rotor blade ice protection system.  The S-92 is a multi-mission helicopter, and in February the fleet is expected to reach the 500,000 flight hours milestone.

Carey Bond, President of Sikorsky Global Helicopters (SGH) said: “We’re proud to have Avincis as a customer and to provide them with a proven and reliable helicopter with a very high availability rate.  Avincis has established a global reputation as a company committed to safety and to performing vital life-saving missions – a culture and priority that our two companies share.”  SGH is the commercial aircraft business of Sikorsky Aircraft Corp., a subsidiary of United Technologies Corp.


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