Meridian Helicopters moves to new facility

Meridian Helicopters moves to new facility 15 Feb, 13, Source: Meridian Helicopters

Meridian Helicopters, a subsidiary of the Cadorath Group, has moved into a new facility in Lafayette, Louisiana. Meridian Helicopters provides reworked parts distribution support, consulting, brokering and technical support for the global Bell Helicopter network.

“Our new facility provides us the ability to have five helicopters in progress at any one time. Meridian Helicopters business focus is the rebuilding and selling of helicopters to Cadorath’s lease fleet, or for disassembly into parts and components to be reworked, overhauled and distributed by Cadorath and it’s Bell network partners.

Meridian Helicopter is strategically located close to it’s sister company Cadorath Aerospace Lafayette LLC, a company established in the extended repairs of Bell Helicopter and Rolls-Royce Model 250 parts.

Cadorath Aerospace continues to expand its extended repair offerings and create strategic business alliances – allowing Cadorath to continue to meet clients’ increasing needs.

Meridian Helicopters LLC is a majority owned subsidiary of the Cadorath group of companies, which is based in Winnipeg, MB and is a family-owned and operated business. The Cadorath Group provides superior solutions and products to its global client base through its group of companies, which are Cadorath Aerospace, Cadorath Distribution, Cadorath Coating, Cadorath Leasing, Cadorath Uniflyte and Meridian Helicopters.

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