China’s Dalian Police train in Germany on Cabri

China’s Dalian Police train in Germany on Cabri

20-Feb-2013 Source: Heli Aviation

[electronic translation] The police chief and the head of the provincial police force flying Liaoningun inspected with a delegation from the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY in Augsburg. Impressed by our forward-looking, equipped with state of the art technology flight school, training and expertise of the entire fleet of Heli Aviation teams audited executives the TRAINING ACADEMY – with enthusiasm.

Since December 2012 completing five officers of the Chinese Dalian Police through their training as a professional helicopter pilot CPL (H), in the TRAINING ACADEMY in Augsburg. With the purpose of auditing and associated with visits to the business partner and Europe’s largest helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter in Donauwörth and France, now inspected the leaders of the Chinese police from the province Liaoningun Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY.

After a warm welcome to the Chinese guests were in talks on presentation and the Heli Aviation TRAINING ACADEMY provide with its extensive range of training an initial overview of our company. During the subsequent tour of the entire business complex, the delegation was visibly impressed – of Germany’s most modern flying school.

Was a picture of the classrooms where our visitors a closer look at the theoretical lessons of the five Dalian Police make student pilots and their employees often praised bright, friendly and relaxed learning environment also left for managers a positive impression.

The hangar was impressed with its light and heating technology on the cutting edge of technology as well as with its huge size.

For exalted interest caused the, world’s largest Guimbal Cabri G2, training fleet of Heli Aviation. After lively conversation about flight performance, safety and efficiency of the two-seater helicopter Cabri it went up in the air. In short sightseeing flights experienced our Chinese guests, Heli Aviation helicopter training in use and then it got quite bad. The Guimbal Cabri G2 impressed with its flight characteristics and its safety package of the delegation on the line – positive and sustainable impact.

At the end of the guide, the leaders surprised even the company’s own restaurant with its very high quality fitted kitchen and the menu with freshly prepared food.

Inspired by the Heli Aviation team, the helicopters and the building then still followed the official part of the inspection: Convinced of the overall package of the TRAINING ACADEMY audited the leaders of Dalian Police Heli Aviation Flight School – the first FTO in Germany!

Before traveling our guests to Eurocopter in France, there was at the dinner another positive message: “The Dalian Police wants to expand the joint collaboration with Heli Aviation future yet and deepen.”


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