FDC/aerofilter and Aerometals become customers of Branding Iron

FDC/aerofilter and Aerometals become customers of Branding Iron 20 Feb, 13, Source: Branding Iron

Branding Iron Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations announce that Sacramento, California based FDC/aerofilter and Aerometals have hired Branding Iron as their agency of record. Branding Iron developed new ads for both companies in 2012 and will be handling media placement and advertising duties for them in 2013.

“Branding Iron is known for highly branded, page stopping advertising,” said Rex Kamphefner. “They also have an established rapport with media outlets all over the world. They give us great creative and media relations and allow us to work on what we do best, serving our customers and developing innovative products.”

FDC Aerofilters provides innovative filter systems for helicopters that outperform OEM filters. Their barrier inlet system for the EC135 has recently gained EASA approval. FDC Aerofilters also produces filters for other Eurocopter models, Bell, MD and Sikorsky aircraft.

Aerometals is a proven provider of reliable replacement parts with a 30-year history of success. Last year the company’s annual sales exceeded $35 million.

“Both FDC Aerofilters and Aerometals are leaders in the aviation industry,” said Branding Iron Co-Founder Scott Emerine. “They have a storied history of success and we consider it an honor to be associated with both companies.”

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