Third Cabri sold into UK market

Third Cabri sold into UK market

22-Feb-2013 Source:

A third Guimbal Cabri helicopter has been sold into the UK market, with handover scheduled for Aero 2013, the exhibition at Friedrichshafen in Germany at the end of April.

The private purchaser is an experienced helicopter owner, having had two Robinson R22s and three R44s in the last 24 years. He told that his move away from the successful California-built helicopters was driven both by Guimbal’s modern construction methods, and also the freedom of being away from the mandatory 12 year Robinson overhauls.

The Cabri’s composite construction means that there is no corrosion, something he has been very familiar with on his five Robinsons. He is also looking forward to operating on premium mogas, providing a saving of £18 ($27) per hour.

The purchaser told that he does not get close to the 183 hours a year needed to reach the 2,200 hours in 12 years – the point where a Robinson helicopter needs to spend some months away on a costly complete strip-down overhaul. The Lycoming engine (same as the R22) is the only lifed item in the French-built craft. The Cabri gearbox overhaul is currently scheduled at 3,000 hours (against the Robinson’s 2,200) and Guimbal are working with EASA to stretch that out to 4,000 hours. It is clear that he has done his sums and they are all stacked in favour of the Cabri. We look forward to seeing the helicopter in the UK after the Aero show.

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