Aeronautical Accessories exclusively distributes Tanis preheat system for Bell 429

Aeronautical Accessories exclusively distributes Tanis preheat system for Bell 429 7 Mar, 13, Source: Bell

Bell Helicopter is pleased to announce that, through its Aeronautical Accessories brand, it is the exclusive distributor of Tanis Aircraft Products’ new preheat system for the Bell 429 aircraft.

The Heli-Preheat system provides numerous benefits for operators in cold climates. When used for the prescribed time, benefits can include an increase in reliability and safety of operations and a decrease in torque oscillation, thermal stress, spool up and launch times. Acceptable components for preheat include the engine, battery, critical driveline components and various fluids.

“We are proud to announce the Supplemental Type Certificate of our new Preheat System for the Bell 429,” said Doug Evink, president and CEO of Tanis Aircraft Products. “The product features a long list of benefits for aircraft that fly in cold climates. These preheat advantages can have a direct impact on operational consistency due to low temperatures.”

The Tanis Heli-Preheat System comes complete with cabling kit, circuit protection, shore power door kit, tail boom bracket kit and bonding adhesive. The system is operated on the ground while connected to a ground-based AC power source.

“The addition of the Tanis Preheat System for the Bell 429 to our product line is consistent with our overall focus on innovation, reliability, and performance,” said Chad Nimrick, director, Aeronautical Accessories and Bell Helicopter Customer Support and Services Engineering [can we shorten this title at all?]. “We are excited to be the designated distributor of a product that enhances operation, safety and versatility.”

For more information on the Tanis Heli-Preheat System for the Bell Helicopter 429, please contact the Aeronautical Accessories sales team at 1.800.251.7094 or email your questions to [email protected]

About Tanis Aircraft Products
Tanis Aircraft Products is the leading manufacturer of preheat systems for rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. Since 1973, Tanis has been the innovator in aircraft preheat systems, delivering reliable solutions for critical aircraft operations.

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