Agenda: Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance Asia 2013

Agenda: Corporate Jet & Helicopter Finance Asia 2013

14-Mar-2013 Source: Corporate Jet Investor

Asia: Where are we now and which way is the market going?
Where is everyone flying and what aircraft are they using?
Are the region’s aircraft flying less than in the US or Europe?
How quickly has China really grown and can it keep going at this speed?
How much is infrastructure slowing down growth?
Which markets are being forgotten?

Operator’s panel: Competition heats up
How competitive is the market now?
Is there room in Hong Kong for so many operators?
Are Hong Kong operators focusing on China or the rest of Asia?

Finance panel: Financing Asia’s fleet
Are foreign lenders still interested in China?
Are buyers increasingly insisting on local registers?
Is Asia living up to the hype?

Indonesia’s fast growing market
How fast is the market growing?
What type of customers are buying jets and helicopters?
Are financiers right to be concerned?
Is lack of finance holding the market back?
How easy is it to deal with the local registry?

The VVIP market
How big a market is there for ACJs and BBJs in Asia?
Do they make sense for asset financiers?
Are there too many pre-owned aircraft available?

Chinese leasing companies – dominating China
Do Chinese leasing companies need dollars to grow?
Is it time for them to start looking at international deals?
Do speculative orders work in business aviation?

Maintenance costs: a guide for financiers
Should they be more worried about scheduled or unscheduled costs?
How can financiers keep track of costs?
Why airframe maintenance should not be forgotten?

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