Scott’s Bell 47 answers questions on their new turbine 47GT-6

Scott’s Bell 47 answers questions on their new turbine 47GT-6 15 Mar, 13, Source: Scott’s - Bell 47, Inc.

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc. (SB47) today released a Question & Answer format information letter providing more details on their 47GT-6 helicopter launched recently at Heli Expo 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.

Chris Meyer, SB47’s General Manager, stated “we are very pleased with the launch of the 47GT-6 and how it was received by our customers at Heli Expo. Our first year of production is almost sold out and we continue to work with many operators on prospective sales for the out years. As with any new product there are questions, and this information letter answers many of those initial questions and provides a one-voice to the marketplace.”

Q. At the Heli Expo Press Conference the 47GT-6 was described as being an STC to the 47G-3B-2A helicopter. Is this just a refurbishment of old helicopters?

A. The 47GT-6 will be a brand new SB47 factory built helicopter. The reference to an STC was only to describe the likely certification approach. The 47G-3B-2A had the highest gross weight approval of all Bell 47’s at 3,200 lb, so to design an STC to that airframe incorporating the new engine, rather than to create a brand new configuration on the Type Certificates, is likely to be a more efficient certification approach.

Q. The Bell 47 was designed over 50 years ago. Isn’t the design outdated?

A. The 47GT-6 will look like the Bell 47 but will in fact incorporate many modern features. The proven, durable airframe will remain largely unchanged. However, the maintenance schedule will be simplified and some of the life limits will be increased, not least the metal main rotor blades will be replaced with more efficient, and longer life composite blades; the incandescent exterior lights will all be replaced by brighter, more efficient LED lights; the instrument panel will be all new and will incorporate solid state instruments as well as caution/warning lights plus other modern improvements; the cabin will incorporate energy absorbing, ergonomic seats and a fresh, modern interior. These are just some of the highlights, simply improving what needs to be improved, but to not take away from the market leading features such as the durable, on-condition airframe and the high inertia main rotor and renowned reliability.

Q. I heard two prices at Heli Expo; $750,000 and $820,000. What is the price of a 47GT-6?

A. Any customer signing up this month for a 2016 delivery will pay $750,000 in 2016$. After this launch opportunity passes, the pricing will revert to the 2016 price, with forecast escalation, of $820,000.

Q. How much do I have to pay to secure an order and when can you deliver?

A. To secure a launch opportunity the deposit is $15,000 and is refundable, tied to SB47 schedule and performance targets. After the launch opportunity passes, the non-refundable deposit is 5% ($37,500 on a 2016 delivery). The pricing has been set for 2017 & 2018 with ~3% escalation each year. Deliveries will start in July 2016 or earlier. At the time of this release, only one delivery slot remains available in 2016.

Q. Scott’s Bell 47 is a new company. How will they manage to support new operators relative to other manufacturers.

A. SB47 is not only owned by an operator, but has a seasoned team in place with prior experience at executive levels within Bell Helicopter, known for a historical rating of #1 in customer support. We know what is required to support operators and we understand that the 47 can be successful only with world class support. Since taking on the Type Certificates from Bell we have gained FAA approval of our quality processes & facilities, transferred over 500 Bell 2D drawings to modern 3D CAD drawings, had over 180 PMA approvals from the FAA and we have replenished the SB47 shelves with over 3,700 brand new SB47 parts. We have a customer support and services vision that includes spare parts storage and maintenance and overhaul services at strategic global locations, 24/7 customer support and improved, modern technical publications.

Q. What warranty will Scott’s be offering?

A. Given the experience within SB47 as both an operator, and being part of a provider of premier customer support, SB47 recognizes that not all warranties fit all operators. As such we offer 3 warranties on the factory new 47GT-6:

A) 2 year / 2,000 hour, pro-rated after the first 200 hours,
B) 2 year / 1,000 hour, non-prorated and
C) 3 year / 500 hour, non-prorated.
Spare parts warranty will be 1 year / 1,000 hour, pro-rated after the first 200 hours.

Q. What performance can I expect for a 47 with the RR300 engine package?

SB47 expects the 47GT-6 to have market leading performance in the areas that matter to the light utility and turbine training markets.

• Internal Useful Load : 1,400 lb
• Useful Load with External Load : 1,650 lb
• HOGE @ 2,750 lb – >12,000 ft PA ISA Std Day
• HIGE @ MGE : >12,000ft PA ISA Std Day
• DOC (direct operating costs per Conklin & de Decker methods) :

SB47 summarized the 47GT-6 with the following:

• Best in class Useful Load & Operating Cost
• Renowned reliability, durability & safety
• Excellent utility helicopter & training platform
• Modern re-design including composite main rotor blades, modern instrument panel and avionics options, LED lighting, and the most popular and successful small gas turbine engine from Rolls-Royce Corp.
• Low risk Launch Customer Opportunity to guarantee early delivery position at reduced pricing
• Experienced & dedicated team providing knowledgeable and responsive field support plus global solutions for Spares and MR&O

About Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc.

Scott’s – Bell 47, Inc., under the private ownership of Scott Churchill, is a sister company to Scott’s Helicopter Services Inc., one of the largest fleet operators of Bell 47 helicopters in the world, and Texas Helicopter Co., Inc., manufacturer of the WASP helicopter and an FAA-PMA parts supplier & STC holder for the Model 47. SB47 is the Type Certificate holder for all FAA type certificated Model 47 helicopters and currently provides OEM level customer support & services to the fielded fleet.

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