Eurocopter reports on third round of EC225 tests

Eurocopter reports on third round of EC225 tests 20 Mar, 13, Source: Eurocopter

The third round of tests at Eurocopter – which focused on the bevel gear shaft – is complete. The investigation timetable is proceeding according to plan, with each step bringing us closer to the probable causes and solutions. The investigation results are currently being analyzed and will be reported by Eurocopter in accordance with the confidentiality rules of the official investigation which is led by the UK AAIB. Additionally, independent experts from Georgia Technology Research Institute will validate the methodology and conclusions of key elements of the investigation. The institute has great depth of experience in crack propagation and metallurgical investigations.

The test campaign performed on the EC225 main gearbox emergency lubrication system (EMLUB) confirmed that the system was operating correctly throughout both the 2012 events. The tests have identified the root cause of the in-flight false alarms. The false alarms were a result of wrong electrical signaling and the different tests have also shown that the pressure sensor settings of the air and glycol system must be modified. Corrective solutions for the EMLUB system have been developed and the final fix will be implemented with the support of Eurocopter by the end of March 2013.

Eurocopter will continue to regularly communicate with customers/operators and industry representatives concerning the EC225 main gearbox shaft failures, whilst respecting the confidentiality of the official accident investigation.

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