Meet Axnes Aviation at European Helicopter Show 2013

Meet Axnes Aviation at European Helicopter Show 2013

21-Mar-2013 Source: EHS

European Helicopter Show (EHS) is pleased to add Axnes Aviation AS to the increasing European Exhibitor line up at Hradec Králové, Czech Republic during 9th – 11th May 2013.

The Polycon communications system provides rotary and fixed-wing operators to have audio communications between on and off aircraft crew members, as well as ground crews. It is designed to provide highly robust and reliable long range wireless communication between internal and external crew in harsh operating environments on helicopters and other mobile operational platforms.

The Polycon system eliminates communication restrictions by providing seamless hands-free, wireless communications to all members of the crew so members can effectively perform their mission operations.

Polycon System – Robust and reliable long range wireless communication

Products are developed in close cooperation with professional SAR and EMS teams. Polycon is developed by professionals, for professionals and its superior performance and unique patented features are unmatched. The system fully integrates the external operating crew to the aircraft intercom system and provides increased situational awareness and constant un-interrupted communication between the crew members which is critical to mission execution.

Polycon features include:

Radio transceivers are waterproof and ruggedized, and purpose built to be operated by SAR and EMS teams in harsh conditions.

Unique patented VOX enable hands free communication when on the hoist.

Polycon also supports push –to -talk mode, casualty communication mode and off helmet walkie-talkie mode.

Customizable frequency and channel allocation provide support for multiple aircraft or multiple external crew.

Increased safety by drastically improving situational awareness.

Increased operational accuracy through constant participation in onboard communication by all crew.

Increased aircraft safety via direct communication on clearances to obstructions or other possible dangers reported by external crew.

Acoustic valve mode provides safe communication to casualties or other staff without removal of helmet/headset.

Dual band option includes additional maritime VHF which allows for direct communication between rescue swimmer and shipping or other response groups in addition to the aircraft.

Custom frequency allocations in both VHF and UHF bands allow for tailoring to users requirements.

The Polycon System consist of a Base Station and a number of radio transceivers. Accessories include chargers, aircraft antennas, adaptors, helmets, headsets and mikes.

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