Luviair Installs Spidertraks Helocopter Traking System

Luviair Installs Spidertraks Helocopter Traking System

25-Mar-2013 Source: LuviAir

Linked to the global Iridium Satellite Network, Spidertracks gives constant feedback on the location, speed, altitude and heading of the aircraft (or vehicle) to which it is fitted.

At Luviair we have fitted Spidertracks to the helicopter fleet of one client and we’re very pleased with the result.

During regular operations, the pilot pushes a pre-programed status button to advise what the aircraft is doing. Status conditions include standard takeoff or landing. There are also emergency status reports for emergency and ditching.

These status conditions are shown on a secure webpage so the flight controller and other authorised personnel can monitor flights in real time. Green circles on the map indicate normal takeoff or landing, and red circles indicate an emergency condition. Emergency status reports also trigger an SMS message to key Luviair personnel.

The end result is that we can track the flights of our VIP and corporate customers with incredible accuracy. We’ll know when a flight is landing, so we can arrange for the aircraft to be met on the ground, or in the event of an emergency we can alert emergency teams and give the aircraft location to within 3 metres.

Owners of VIP and corporate jets, helicopters or even vehicles which require constant monitoring and operational management should contact me for more information.

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