RCMP fly Draganflyer UAV for accident/crime investigation work

RCMP fly Draganflyer UAV for accident/crime investigation work

25-Mar-2013 Source: RCMP

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police is a leading North American national police force, covering three Canadian territories, eight provinces, more than 190 municipalities, 184 Aboriginal communities, and three international airports.

The “F” division is responsible for the Saskatchewan region and like other divisions, is always looking for new technology to improve their level of service to the citizen and better ensure the safety of their officers.

Read how they are using the Draganfly UAV systems, learn about their experience, and better understand how the aircraft improve their level of service. In one year, the “F” division flew 99 missions with an average flight time of 6.6 minutes/mission required to gather the aerial data required.

And when you look at the numbers, just imagine the incredible cost savings to the agency. Had a full size aircraft been required, the overall cost would reflect operational costs – for the aircraft, pilots, fuel, and in addition, the in-transit costs, to simply gather evidence or document the accident.

With the Draganfly UAV systems, the aircraft can easily fit in the trunk of a patrol car or forensic investigation van and be quickly unfolded and launched to gather the high quality, high resolution images required.


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