UK – Air Harrods cannot fly commercially

UK – Air Harrods cannot fly commercially 9 Apr, 13, Source:

British operator Air Harrods is currently unable to fly their helicopters commercially. The company has never been able to operate public transport flights in their own right – which we understand is due to the company being majority owned outside the UK/Europe.  In the past, Air Harrods entered into commercial partnerships with a series of AOC holders that have contracted their aircraft and pilots – known colloquially in the industry as an “AOC umbrella deal”.

A spokesman for the CAA has confirmed to that the last co-operation was with Capital Air Services Ltd of Oxford, which traded as Air Harrods – and that arrangement ceased at the beginning of this year.

Capital Air Services continues to have a similar arrangement with Cardinal Helicopter Services – the small print at the bottom of Cardinal’s website pages says “Operated under Capital Air Services Air Operators Certificate(GB2049)”

Air Harrods flies helicopters both commercially, privately for the company owner, and on management contracts for aircraft owners. This includes two Sikorsky S76C++, Sikorsky S92, AgustaWestland AW109E Power and Eurocopter EC155.

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