Helibras announces EC225/EC725 simulator

Helibras announces EC225/EC725 simulator

15-Apr-2013 Source: Helibras

[electronic translation] Helibras announces during LAAD Defence & Security 2013 – International Exhibition of Defence and Security in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), the details of the construction of a training center and Simulators Flight helicopters EC725 and EC225, models being produced in company’s new hangar in Itajubá (MG).

The new Training Center and Simulators Helibras is born with the ability to receive two Full Flight Simulators (FFS). Currently underway is the design of a FFS EC725/EC225. The acquisition and installation of the second FFS is being studied and will depend on the training needs of operators in Brazil. Meanwhile, the company preparing the site which will house the equipment and recruits professionals for training.

The simulator has two databases, one for military operators and other operators to civilians. This will allow the training to be done as close as possible to each operational reality, is for pilots operating offshore , market oil & gas – with the EC225 – either for military pilots who operate the EC725. In a more comprehensive way, the unit will provide the widest array of theoretical and practical courses required for operators.

The initiative to bring to Brazil the simulator helicopters that are now also being manufactured in the country shows the concern of Helibras to offer not only the product, but also full support to the client for the operation of its aircraft, without the operator need to leave the country.”The existence of an FFS in the country is lower cost, less time off pilots out of their base. Being taught in Portuguese is also an advantage for pilots and Brazilian Portuguese speaking African countries. We offer a training much closer to the reality of operations in Brazil, with specific training, such as landing on ships and oil rigs, emergency, flight instruments, among others. We can simulate almost any type of operation and condition that the pilot is in a real mission. “Evaluates Flávio Pires, VP of Support & Services Helibras.

The Rio de Janeiro was strategically chosen for installation and Training Center simulators depending on the proximity to military operators andoffshore . In addition, pilots of other localities have several options for flights and connections to domestic and international airports and Tom Jobim Santos Dumont.


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