Bond wins inaugural Moral Courage Safety Award

Bond wins inaugural Moral Courage Safety Award

19-Apr-2013 Source: Bond Aviation

Bond Aviation (Bond), the UK’s largest independent emergency and mission critical helicopter operator, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the inaugural Moral Courage Safety Award by the US Department of Transportation.

The award was created to celebrate helicopter companies and crew who put safety first, even when that means taking the difficult decision not to fly. Whilst awards often recognise those who perform life-saving missions, this unique award is designed to recognise the moral bravery of those who decide that the best way to protect lives is to cancel the mission.

Bond won the award after two members of its technical team noted a small deviation in a health and safety usage monitoring system (HUMS) indicator on one of the company’s aircraft. Whilst the helicopter was arguably still fit to fly, they raised their concerns immediately with managers and a decision was made to err on the side of caution and take the helicopter out of service.

Bond’s ‘Mission Safe’ culture puts a commitment to safety and operational excellence at the heart of all of its activities; from office, to hanger, to cockpit. Through its parent company, the Avincis Group, Bond has access to world-class safety management systems and processes to support the objective of Zero Accidents. All staff are actively encouraged to speak up whenever they spot anything which might impact safe operations, no matter how minor.

Luke Farajallah, Managing Director, explained: “It caused delays and inconvenienced people coming back after two weeks offshore, but we felt it was important to listen to our people. Sometimes the bravest decision is not to fly.”

He continued “In the end, a small bearing on the aircraft was replaced in a couple of hours. We would probably have been able to fly, but I’m proud and pleased that our team spoke up. We want to be in a place where if anyone’s uncomfortable, then we don’t go”.

Mr Farajallah presented certificates to Engineering Manager John Crowther and HUMS Engineer Sean Newlands, in a ceremony today at Bond’s facilities in Aberdeen.

[Image L-R: Luke Farajallah, Managing Director, Bond Offshore Helicopters, Sean Newlands, HUMS Engineer and John Crowther, Engineering Manager]

About Bond

Bond is the UK’s largest independent emergency and mission critical helicopter operator providing air ambulance helicopter services, police and marine support to offshore wind farms and lighthouses as well as mission critical, search and rescue and energy support services in the North Sea to blue chip oil companies. Bond is part of the Avincis Group which is the world’s leading provider of mission critical aviation services.

Last year, Avincis companies flew over 108,500 hours, conducted over 50,600 emergency health care missions, rescued more than 8,600 people at sea or on mountains, helped to put out over 7,800 fires and carried more than 175,900 passengers in the oil and gas industries.

Avincis has a global footprint, which includes the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Australia, Chile and Peru. The Group operates around 350 aircraft, employs almost 3,000 people worldwide and in 2011 had a turnover of €521 million (£421 million). The Group is headquartered in London.

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