MH-XX deadline this week – first steps in replacing Seahawk

MH-XX deadline this week – first steps in replacing Seahawk

29-Apr-2013 Source: US Navy

Wednesday 1st May is the first stage set by the US Navy – a Request For Information, well ahead of anything like a Request For Proposals. The project is being referred to as MH-XX – “Marine Helicopter”  to support MH-60 Seahawk helicopter recapitalization decisions. The text below from Solicitation AIR41022ST provides further details:-

This announcement constitutes a Request for Information (RFI) and an announcement for Industry Day for planning purposes. This is NOT a Request for Proposals. NO SOLICITATION DOCUMENTS EXIST AT THIS TIME.

A market survey for ship based, maritime helicopter key capabilities in the 2028 timeframe

01 May 2013 Industry Day Registration Due
07 May 2013 Industry Day
21 May 2013 Responses Due

The Director for Air Warfare (OPNAV N98) has requested NAVAIR Warfare Analysis and Integration Department (AIR-4.10) to conduct a Capabilities Based Assessment (CBA) to support MH-60 Seahawk helicopter recapitalization decisions.

The MH-60 Seahawk helicopters are the pillars of the Naval Helicopter Concept of Operations for the 21st century. The Warfighting Capability provided, whether deployed as Carrier Air Wing squadrons embarked on aircraft carriers under the leadership of carrier air wing commanders or as Expeditionary squadrons embarked on LHAs/LHDs, surface combatants and logistics vessels, is broad and unparalleled in naval warfare.

The MH-XX CBA is being conducted to ascertain capability gaps incurred with aging and expected retirement of the MH-60 Seahawk helicopters beginning in the 2028 timeframe. In addition, the increasingly sophisticated near-peer threat will alter the operational environment and serves as the second driving force for this CBA.

The MH-XX CBA evaluated MH-60 supported mission areas across a broad range of scenarios in the 2028 timeframe, including Major Combat Operations, Conventional Campaigns and Steady State Security Postures. Eight representative Tactical Situations (TACSITs) were defined and assessed for capability gaps encompassing elements of Surface Warfare, Deep and Shallow Water Anti-Submarine Warfare, Mine Warfare, Navy Special Warfare and Combat Search and Rescue, Logistics Support, Medical Evacuation and Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief.

In support of the CBA, AIR 4.10 is conducting market research to obtain industry feedback regarding possible technological or system solutions to the identified gaps in MH-60 supported mission areas. Key technologies and potential game-changing capabilities are of specific interest as well as timelines for any needed development programs.

Final responses for technologies or systems to potentially mitigate the CBA identified gaps are required to be received no later than 5:00 PM EDT 21 May 2013.

Unclassified data (via one electronic copy on a CD ROM or DVD ) must be sent to the:
Naval Air Systems Command,
Bldg 2187, Rm 1180-B8
AIR 4.10, ATTN: Mr. Stephen Troutman
48110 Shaw Road
Patuxent River, MD 20670-1906

If submitting classified responses or supporting data, on the outer envelope send to:

Naval Air Systems Command
AIR 4.10
Bldg 2187, Suite 1180
48110 Shaw Road
Patuxent River, MD 20670-1906

And mark the inner envelope:
Naval Air Systems Command,
Bldg 2187, Rm 1180-B8
AIR 4.10, ATTN: Mr. Stephen Troutman
48110 Shaw Road
Patuxent River, MD 20670-1906.

The electronic copy of your response must be in Microsoft Office 2010 or Adobe Acrobat X readable formats. Following a review of the responses received, NAVAIR may elect to ask follow-up questions to gain additional information about the proposed solution(s).

An Industry Day will be held to assist this market survey. During Industry Day, amplifying information will be provided regarding the expected operational environment as well as top-level maritime-centric capability gaps and critical insights from the on-going CBA.

Industry Day will be held on 7 May 2013 at Avian Engineering in Lexington Park, MD. This classified meeting (SECRET//NOFORN level) will begin at 0900 Eastern Time (with check-in beginning at 0800) and complete no later than 1200. Due to space constraints, vendors are limited to 2 (two) individuals per company. Between 1300-1600, participants are encouraged to make an appointment to provide a brief (not to exceed 20 minutes) outlining proposed solutions to the capabilities gaps discussed during Industry Day presentations. The 1300-1600 schedule will be strictly adhered to, resulting in a limited number of appointments. These limited number of appointments will be distributed on a “first-come, first serve” basis.

All personnel must register in advance and no later than 1 May 2013. Please submit the names and contact information of personnel attending Industry Day along with the following information to the Industry Day RSVP POC listed below:

1. Reference Number associated with this RFI announcement
2. CAGE code
3. POC name, email, mailing address (Classified and Unclassified),and telephone number to contact for any necessary clarifications, to receive additional information, for additional data required by the analysis, and for information on any necessary non-disclosure agreements
4. Describe your company’s ability to manage, secure and transmit information up the SECRET level
5. Completed “MH-XX CBA Agreement and Guidelines Associated with Government Furnished Information (GFI)” for all Industry Day participants and viewers of read-ahead materials
6. Interest in participating in a one-on-one meeting with the government

As portions of the Industry Day will be conducted at the SECRET//NOFORN classification level, personnel attending the meeting must both possess and provide verification of the appropriate security clearance. A visit request must be sent via JPAS to the Industry Day RSVP POC. If all requested information and paperwork are not received by the Industry Day RSVP POC by the required date, admission to the Industry Day will be declined.

Meeting information including confirmation of attendance and read-ahead materials will be provided from the Industry Day RSVP POC once all credentials have been verified. Due to the limited seating the Government may reject requests for attendance once the seating limit has been reached.

Industry Day RSVP POC: Ms. Elise Smith
Title: MH-XX CBA Support – Industry Day
Phone: 301-866-2070
JPAS: SMO Code 345J8

NOTE: This RFI and Industry Day are being conducted for the purpose of determining market interest, feasibility, and capability of sources and does not constitute an Invitation for Bids (IFB), a Request for Proposals (RFP), a Request for Quotes (RFQ) or an indication that the Government will contract for any of the items and/or services contained in this notice. The Government is only seeking possible sources and information for the CBA and future needs. No solicitation document exists. However, respondents to this Request for Information will not be excluded from consideration for contract participation in any potential follow-on hardware development activity. All information received in response to this notice that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. Responses to this notice will not be returned. No reimbursement will be made for any costs to provide information in response to this announcement or any follow-up information requests. Information contained herein is based on the best information available at the time of publication, is subject to revision, and is not binding upon the Government. Availability of any formal solicitation will be announced under a separate Federal Business Opportunities announcement.

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