INAER Spain attends International Congress on Intensive Care

INAER Spain attends International Congress on Intensive Care

6-May-2013 Source: INAER

INAER Spain (INAER), one of the world leaders in emergency air services, recently participated in the 6th International Congress on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine (URGRAV) in Havana, one of the most important events on emergency medicine in Latin America.

INAER led the conference on time-dependent pathology care for conditions whose evolution depends primarily on the time between the incident and the start of treatment, such as coronary emergencies, strokes or head injuries.

Juan Sinisterra, INAER Spain’s Coordinator of HEMS Teaching and RD&I and Pablo Gomez-Calcerrada, Coordinator of HEMS Nursing and Standardising, emphasised the importance of fast and efficient care in emergency situations, variables that significantly impact on the mortality rate and the lasting effects on the patient.

According to studies, 50% of deaths in emergency situations occur before the patient reaches hospital. For this reason, when dealing with emergencies, be they accidents, rescues or the transfer of patients to hospital, a rapid response time and coordination are vital. INAER’s HEMS aircraft are fully equipped mobile Intensive Care Units that allows them to arrive in record time to places often inaccessible to other emergency services.

The average response time for a medical helicopters is 17 minutes for rural areas and 8 minutes for urban centres. INAER has a fleet of medical helicopters and airplanes which are able to arrive quickly and safely to inaccessible areas. In addition, these aircraft are equipped with the equipment to stabilise a patient in flight. Along with the flight crew, the medical staff okay play a crucial role in providing early care and stabilising the patient at the scene, attending to them during transfer to hospital and reporting their status to the doctors there.

In 2012 alone, a total of 6,658 people in Spain were treated by INAER medical helicopters. and Emergency Medicine in Havana

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