Avinics Appoints New CEO Western Europe

Avinics Appoints New CEO Western Europe 24 May, 13, Source: Avincis Group

Avincis Group (Avincis), a leading global provider of aerial services for mission critical operations, is pleased to announce the appointment of Manuel Lopez Aguilar as Regional CEO Western Europe with immediate effect. Manuel will also hold the position of Director General for INAER Spain.

Based in Alicante, Spain, Manuel will be responsible for Avincis’ business in the region, which includes subsidiaries INAER Spain, INAER Portugal and INAER France who last year flew 45,266 hours of mission-critical services, including 13,200 emergency medical missions, 5,300 fire fighting operations, saved 7,600 lives at sea or in the mountains and carried 9,900 oil and gas passengers.

Manuel joins Avincis with over 30 years’ experience in the aviation industry. He has held various positions within IBERIA, including as Managing Director of its Commercial and Customers Division and Managing Director of Maintenance and Engineering. Manuel began his career as an aeronautical engineering with Pratt & Whitney in the United States before joining the IBERIA Group. He has a PhD in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Aeronautic Engineering, both from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Avincis Group CEO James Drummond said: “I am extremely pleased to welcome someone of Manuel’s calibre, both professionally and personally, to our team. Manuel has a wealth of experience in the aeronautical industry and has an impressive reputation. His extensive experience, knowledge and professionalism will strengthen the leadership of our business in Western Europe and help drive our commitment to zero accidents.”

Manuel said: “I think the work carried out by INAER staff, which is vital for the communities in which we operate, is truly admirable. It is a real honour to be joining a company and I look forward to maintaining our position as a leading provider of emergency services in the region. My focus will be on ensuring we continue to provide safe and operationally excellent services to our customers.”

About Avincis Group

Avincis is the world’s leading provider of aerial services for mission-critical operations such as medical emergency, civil protection, search & rescue, coast and city surveillance, fire fighting and energy support services. Based in the UK, the Group provides central resources, safety and operating standards and systems and expertise to its operating companies who serve local markets and customers in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Chile, Peru, UK, Norway, Australia and Ireland. Of primary importance is the Group’s oversight of safety standards across all its operations, with a global target of zero accidents.

In 2012, the Group flew over 108,500 hours worldwide, carried out 50,600 medical emergency missions, successfully fought 7,800 forest fires, rescued 8,600 people from sea or mountains and transported 175,900 staff for the oil and gas industry.

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