Boeing to reduce Philadelphia workforce

Boeing to reduce Philadelphia workforce

6-Jun-2013 Source: UAW Local 1069

In a letter to the union members he represents, Chris Owens, President of UAW Local 1069 says…

Brothers and Sisters,

As your president, it has been my pleasure to bring you good news on many occasions in the past.  Sadly, I have to confirm that the Boeing Company has come to this leadership and announced that they will be reducing the union workforce through layoffs over the next several weeks and months.

The affected job classifications are: Flight Test Mechanic A, Aircraft Technician, Assembler Sheet Metal A, Assembler Sheet Metal B, Parts Number, Masker and Cleaner, Inspection Final.  Each of the affected classifications will be able to exercise their bumping rights to a lower classification in their Family Group.

You can reference the language on Article VIII – Seniority, Section 2 – Surplus Procedure-Non-Interchangeable Occupational Group on page 53 of the CBA.  The listing of Family Groups, including bumping opportunities, is available in Appendix A on page 196 of the CBA.  One example is the Flight Test and Final Assembly Mechanical Family Group 10.  A Flight Test Mechanic A has bumping rights to Aircraft Technician, Flight Test Mechanic B, and Janitor.  Your situation will vary depending on your Family Group.  Again, that information is available beginning on page 196 of the CBA.  Contact your Steward or Committeeman with further questions.  The Company expects to surplus 41 members by June 21st with the potential of additional surpluses occurring through the rest of the year.

There is hardly a member of UAW Local 1069 that has not been affected by a layoff at some point in their time here.  There has not been a layoff at this site for the last several years and business has been brisk, keeping us all working.  Changes in government, market, business, and other factors, beyond the control of this leadership, has had an effect on our business causing this situation.  One thing to remember is that things can and have changed that can mitigate the situation.

During this difficult time, we will be available to help those members affected by the layoff, as has been done in past circumstances of this nature.  This leadership has already contacted Federal, state, and local government officials to provide support for our members facing a layoff.  We are exploring job referrals with companies with similar operations in the Delaware Valley as well as searching for training dollars and other state aid.  There will also be assistance available for Unemployment Compensation Eligibility questions.

One positive action of this situation is that our CBA, in LOU 14, on page 254, offers this; “the Company has offered the Voluntary Layoff Benefit Program to …. permitting employees to volunteer for layoff due to a reduction in force.”  If you are considering retiring in 2013, this could be an opportunity for you to leave sooner and collect up to an additional 13 weeks of pay before retiring, while saving a lower seniority brother or sister’s job.  If you are in one of the affected Family Groups and would like to participate in the Voluntary Layoff Program, contact your union representative immediately!  A Voluntary Layoff Form will be available beginning next week, June 10, on the Employee Relations Website (, through your steward or the HR Service Centers (in building 3-25 and 3-60). There will be ample assistance to help you with that task.

If you are not in an affected Family Group, but are still interested in a possible Voluntary Layoff, please contact the Hall at 610-876-6217.  We are looking at every avenue possible to save jobs for our less-senior members.

We will support those affected in any way we can.  Please keep in contact with the Hall at (610) 876-6217 for the latest information.

Yours in Solidarity,

Chris Owens, President

UAW Local 1069

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