Eurocopter EC130T2 demo flights in Russia and Ukraine

Eurocopter EC130T2 demo flights in Russia and Ukraine

6-Jun-2013 Source: Eurocopter Vostok

[electronic translation]  The company Eurocopter conducted in Russia and Ukraine demo tour single-engine helicopter EC130 T 2. New demonstrated improved performance in cities from Moscow to Voronezh, in Dnipropetrovsk, Zhytomyr and Kyiv and Odessa, consistently collecting rave reviews.

Model EC130 T2 unveiled on May 16 in Moscow at the International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2013. Then there was a series of demonstration flights in Russia and Ukraine. More than two weeks of 20 professionals, among whom were pilots, technicians, experts in the field of aviation and helicopter lovers, daily experienced model EC130 T2 in flight. Helicopter received only positive feedback *, and passengers enthralled flight performance models and a new level of comfort.

During each demo flight test pilot of the Eurocopter Jeanes Olivier (Olivier Gensse) perform aerobatics. According to the pilot, it is during such difficult maneuvers passengers will appreciate the comfort, safety, reliability and power reserve of the aircraft.

“Our customers literally fall in love with the first flight in the EC130 T2, and we are confident of its success in Russia and the CIS. This model was first introduced on the market in early 2012, and since then we have taken it for more than 70 confirmed orders, “- says Laurence Rigolini (Laurence Rigolini), CEO of” Eurocopter Vostok “.

EC130 T2 – is a multifunctional light single-engine helicopter designed to perform a wide range of applications, including commercial and VIP-transport, air tourism, aerial work, law enforcement and emergency medical services, monitoring, photography, video, and more.

If you compare it with the previous model, EC130 B4, EC130 T2 fuselage design has been modified by more than 70%.

Among the key changes in the first place it is worth noting the use of more powerful Arriel 2D turboshaft engine and modified the main gearbox. In addition, embedded active anti-vibration system, improved ventilation, air distribution and anti-fogging. The internal layout of the cabin redesigned floor was completely flat (previously under the rear seats was the elevation). Pilots are provided with a new set of avionics, improved ergonomics of the cockpit. In the passenger compartment of the new energy-absorbing seats contribute to balancing the transport of passengers. The design included udarobezopasny fuel tank. Steel is easier to carry out maintenance of electrical equipment and air conditioning systems.

Among the upgraded performance model EC130 T2 can be called an increased maximum takeoff weight (2,500 kg in finding the cargo inside the aircraft and 3,050 kg with an external suspension) and an increase in speed of 10 knots. Even with these higher rates of external noise model EC130 T2 is not beyond the strict rules of air flights over the territory of the National Park of the United States ‘Grand Canyon’, which is especially important for tour operators.

Among other options, the model EC130 T2 – the installation of a powerful new generation of air conditioning, tinted windshield helicopter, two sliding passenger doors on both sides of the cabin design and energy-absorbing seats. Unique air-conditioning, with separate zones and climate control, effectively controls the temperature and air raspredelenyaet on board. Its settings are intuitive thanks to the similarity to conventional vehicle systems.

A new model of Eurocopter EC130 T2 is designed for use in any climate and weather conditions, and thanks to a whole range of changes in the design, aircraft performance and operating characteristics, as well as increased comfort, it will be a natural choice in its class to perform any task. Much work has been done to reduce the complexity of maintenance. Its unique advantages – cost, reliability, excellent visibility and a spacious cabin (cabin is designed to place one pilot and seven passengers) – first of all appreciate the private owners and commercial operators, law enforcement and oil and gas companies.

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