Conklin & de Decker and NATA to hold annual Aviation Tax Seminar

Conklin & de Decker and NATA to hold annual Aviation Tax Seminar 17 Jun, 13, Source: Conklin & de Decker

Conklin & de Decker Associates, Inc. and the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) are pleased to announce that they are partnering again this year to offer the Commercial Operators Tax Seminar, titled, “Back to Basics”. This year’s Tax Seminar will be held in Oak Brook, Illinois on August 6-7, 2013.

Unique from other seminars and workshops, the Conklin & de Decker and NATA Tax Seminar is the only Tax Seminar that is designed for commercial operators. Attendees will learn about current tax issues affecting aircraft charter and management companies as well as about important best practices from leading industry experts.

“This seminar covers important fundamentals that business aircraft management and charter operators need to understand as well as an update on current tax issues they confront on a daily basis,” commented Nel Stubbs, Vice President and co-owner Conklin & de Decker.  “We provide answers to complex questions regarding Federal Excise Taxes, state taxes, international fees,  as well as FAR and IRS regulations and audits so attendees will walk away with clarity on all these issues.”

This seminar is a must-attend for all commercial aircraft operators and management company personnel, whether they serve as the Director of Operations, CFO or Controller. Owners and operators that have an aircraft on a 135 certificate or that are considering doing so will find this seminar beneficial to the future of their operation. This year’s Back to Basics Seminar will cover the following subjects:

  • Understanding Management Agreements
  • Flight Department Company aka “Illegal Air Charter”
  • Overview and Review of Federal Excise Tax
  • FET and Brokering of Charter Flights
  • IRS Audits of Charter Management and Management Companies
  • Understanding International Fees
  • Record Keeping
  • Insurance
  • State Tax Planning & State Tax Audits

The seminar’s price is $995; however, if you register before July 15, 2013, the Early Bird price is $895. For more information about this seminar contact Christine Preston at 928-443-8676 or [email protected], or visit the Conklin & de Decker website at or the NATA website at

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