Spectrolab approves Heli-One as specialist for MRO of Nightsun® Searchlights

Spectrolab approves Heli-One as specialist for MRO of Nightsun® Searchlights 20 Jun, 13, Source: Heli-One

Heli-One, the world’s largest independent provider of helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has added a new accreditation to its helicopter modification and upgrade capabilities.

Spectrolab Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing, has accredited Heli-One’s Norway workshop as a Certified Service Center and Authorized Repair Facility for their Nightsun® Searchlight Systems and components.

Spectrolab Nightsun® Searchlight Systems are used by law enforcement, fire-and-rescue and news organizations worldwide.

Lars Landsnes, managing director of Heli-One Europe, said customers are the beneficiaries of his company’s expanding capabilities.

“By doing business with Heli-One, customers really have access to an unrivalled range of modification and upgrade services,” said Mr. Landsnes.

Among its growing list of accreditations, Heli-One’s Norway workshop is an authorised AgustaWestland Service Center, Bell Helicopter Customer Facility, Eurocopter Repair Center, and Turbomeca Accredited Repair Center.

Heli-One’s Spectrolab capabilities Our state-of-the-art Stavanger workshop facility contains an integrated Test Fixture for Spectrolab products and components. Some of the Spectrolab products and components that Heli-One supports include:

Nightsun XP /XP IFCO
• Searchlights
• Junction box
• Hand controllers
• Sidecar controller
• Remote I/O Assy

SX-16 /SX-16 IFCO  [photo]
• Searchlights
• Gimbals
• Junction boxes
• Control box

• Searchlight
• Gimbals
• Junction boxes
• Control box

• Box Assy

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