Sweden – HeliAir adds a Huey to its fleet

Sweden – HeliAir adds a Huey to its fleet 26 Jun, 13, Source: Nordic Rotors

HeliAir Sweden announced that the company will be adding an UH-1H Huey to its fleet. The aircraft has been flown to the company’s main base in Västerås, and it will now be incorporated in the fleet. The helicopter is replacing the Hughes 500 SE-JGE, which has recently been sold by the company.

This new Huey is a well-known military veteran that spent several years in the US armed forces before it was civilized. It was later transferred to Spain and eventually ended up in Sweden, purchased by Skyline Helikopter in 2005. It was soon incorporated in Osterman Helicopter’s fleet, and flew for the company for seven years before Osterman Helicopter went bankrupt in September 2012. The 14 000-hour helicopter has been offered for sale since the bankruptcy, and it has been stored in Karlskoga.

The Huey joins a fleet of 12 helicopters, consisting of Bell 206s, MD500s and AS350s.
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