Germany – Heli Aviation receives EC135 FNPT II simulator

Germany – Heli Aviation receives EC135 FNPT II simulator

4-Jul-2013 Source: Heli Aviation

Through the acquisition of a EC 135 helicopter FNPT II simulator, Heli Aviation Flight School offers its students a further technical highlight in pilot training. As of October, thus the spectrum of training TRAINING ACADEMY extended again. [Ed – simulator is from Entrol – see this story]

Currently in the TRAINING ACADEMY Augsburg created a separate simulation area. After the completion of this simulator consists of a room, a briefing room and a de-briefing room where, according to the flown simulation can be viewed again and reviewed the entire flight.

The training in the simulator is an important part of pilot training today. It guarantees maximum efficiency with maximum practicality and Heli Aviation also offers the best conditions for the simulator training. As usual state of the art – comes with the EC 135 HELICOPTER SIMULATOR MULTI ENGINE Type FNPT II modern equipment used. Equipped with a glass cockpit and from the original systems and services, he is the original Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter in nothing.

As of October 2013, Germany’s biggest and most advanced helicopter flight school that simulation training for its national and international customers. The EC 135 FNPT II simulator is here especially for the following training options:

  • IFR (Instrument Flight Rules)
  • Training MCC (Multi Crew Coordination)
  • Integrated & Modular Courses (ATPL, CPL, FI, PPL …)
  • LOFT
  • CDU training
  • Offshore Oil Rig & approachable workout
  • Normal and Emergency Procedures Training
  • Additional training on EC135
  • Pilot evaluation

In order to get as close as possible to the flight in a Eurocopter EC 135 helicopter, the main features of the EC 135 HELICOPTER SIMULATOR MULTI ENGINE FNPT II put together as follows:

  • Spherical 6 channel system with a Visual Fiel of View 180 ° H x 80 ° V
  • Detailed CAD and simulation FLI
  • All systems for immersive simulated and functional workout
  • Oil Rig Database for ARA Training
  • Dual Pilot Configuration Command
  • Highly detailed terrain and IOS Management
  • Realistic Flight Controls and feedback
  • Glass cockpit with highly detailed airport database
  • Detailed Visual for low level cross country and night flights
  • System simulated with extreme detail

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