Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust’s HEMS project to continue

Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust’s HEMS project to continue 9 Jul, 13, Source: Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust

The Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust today confirmed that the future of the HEMS project (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) was secure.

Trust CEO Greg Barrow said the Board had recently signed off on a three year proposal to support the HEMS project and funding had been allocated accordingly in future budgets.

“Although our annual ratepayer funding contribution has been cut by the Regional Amenities Funding Board, we have been working hard to raise the funds needed to maintain the HEMS service,” he said.

“The HEMS project has been an outstanding success, with proven results from having senior emergency medicine and critical care doctors accompanying our skilled paramedics on the helicopter service.  There is evidence that this project has improved patient outcomes.   We want the people of the Auckland region to have continued access to the special expertise that doctors bring to our service,” he said.

“We appreciate the continuing support of the Auckland District Health Board in making the doctors available and we look forward to continuing to work with them closely in the future,” Mr Barrow said.

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