Eurocopter uses Airbus ProSky to perform 3D simulation

Eurocopter uses Airbus ProSky to perform 3D simulation

10-Jul-2013 Source: Airbus ProSky

Eurocopter has inked a deal for Airbus ProSky’s Exact Landing Interference Simulation Environment (ELISE) simulation solution to model and validate pending construction on the grounds of Paris – Le Bourget. In particular, the study will focus on simulating the impact of six cranes on the localizer signal and explore the interactions between the cranes and the signal received by arriving aircraft.

ELISE is a software solution based on advanced technologies that model all objects in three dimensions (3D), using one of the world’s most powerful supercomputers needed for instant calculations. ELISE can accurately predict and analyze disturbances caused by objects on Instrument Landing System (ILS) antenna signals, allowing for improved airport safety. Operational benefits from ELISE also include increased runway capacity in low visibility conditions and airside land usage.

“We are confident that ELISE will help us understand if there are any potential issues exhibited with the placement of the six cranes at Paris – Le Bourget,” said Clement Pradeau, Project Manager, Eurocopter. “ELISE is the fastest and most advanced simulation software on the market and we will definitely follow the outcome and recommendations as they are critical to ensuring the safety and efficiency of our pending construction.”

According to Paul-Franck Bijou, CEO, Airbus ProSky, “this is a great opportunity for Airbus ProSky to help Eurocopter ensure superior safety at Paris – Le Bourget.  ELISE has the highest level of 3D simulation accuracy and will allow Eurocopter to commence construction without interfering with operations in low visibility conditions.”

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