Sweden – Heliholding acquires Copterflyg

Sweden – Heliholding acquires Copterflyg

16-Jul-2013 Source: Nordic Rotors

Heliholding AB of Östersund announces that it has acquired the helicopter company Copterflyg AB of Kilafors. The investment has been made in order to strengthen Heliholding’s presence in the European helicopter market and to add valuable elements to the Heliholding group.

Heliholding has a profound experience in the helicopter industry. It owns the sales company Storm Heliworks AB, which focuses in project-based helicopter operations throughout northern Europe. Copterflyg, a well-established helicopter operator in the country, will now be optimized in order to fit Heliholding’s vision of how to provide customized logistic solutions with the helicopter as the central tool.

Copterflyg will strengthen Heliholding’s operations, and it will boost the company’s presence in the Svealand- and Götaland regions as well as in the Baltic States. The acquisition adds an own air operator certificate (AOC) to the group, which will improve the overall quality standards. The company says that by utilizing in-house flight operations the costumer will get a better relation to the most expensive aspect in the project – the helicopter.

We offer complete solutions, whether it’s about single flights or larger logistic flows, and our main ambition is to safeguard the costumer’s projects”, says Jens Sundqvist, co-owner of Heliholding AB.

Copterflyg was established nearly ten years ago, and it has been growing ever since. The company operates a main fleet of Robinson R44 helicopters, but it utilizes an AS355 for air filming and a Hughes 500 for sawing operations. The main operations consist of census tasks, forestry services, power line inspections, sawing/sling-load and sightseeing operations. The company has several bases in Sweden, including Västerås, Gothenburg, Nässjö and Sjöbo.

STORM HELIWORKS was established as a sales company in early-2013. It supplies helicopter services to costumers through a wide operator network, deep-rooted experience and cutting-edge knowledge. It has its main office in Östersund, but operates throughout large parts of northern Europe through its licensed companies.

Heliholding was established in 2012, founded by Stefan Larsson and the brothers Jens and Dennis Sundqvist. The team has a vast experience in the helicopter industry, with deep involvement in both operative and administrative liabilities in several helicopter companies.

Copterflyg and STORM HELIWORKS will be administered as sister companies in the Heliholding group. STORM HELIWORKS will maintain its role as a sales company, but with a tight bond to Copterflyg.

Reproduced from Nordic Rotors with permission. Copyright and full responsibility for the content of this article remains with Nordic Rotors

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