Two Russian R66s start round-the-world flight

Two Russian R66s start round-the-world flight 5 Aug, 13, Source:

A pair of Robinson R66s, each with two crew, have set off from Russia on a round-the-world tour from Bunkovo Heliport 40 miles north west of Moscow.

For 45 days, the crews will see virtually all climatic zones and most inaccessible corners of the planet. Plans to fly over the Norwegian fjords, across the Atlantic, to fly over the ice-covered Greenland, over Canada and over the largest forested area on the planet – the Siberian taiga, to see the volcanoes of Kamchatka and the oceans: the Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific. On the route of the crew also includes the most northern, southern and western part of Europe.

Crew 1:

Michael Farih
An experienced pilot and adventurer, a member of search and rescue. Michael earned a great reputation among private pilots Russia for its active work to improve safety and improve air legislation. Member and leader of the most notable expeditions Aero Club: Nordkapp-Gibraltar, Moscow, Sakhalin, the flight to the North Pole and many others.

Alexander Kurylev
Honored Master of Sports of Russia and the pilot of Aero Club “Aviamarket.” In 2006, Alexander became the undisputed world champion in aerobatics on the plane. He participated in numerous flights, among them: the first trans-Atlantic and Baltic flights, the expedition Nordkapp-Gibraltar, as well as numerous flights to Russia and Europe.

Crew 2:

Dmitry Rakitsky
Chief pilot of “Aviamarket” – the legend of the helicopter industry in Russia and the world. His total flight time in all aircraft types accounted for more than 12,000 hours, and years of experience have over 35 years! Dmitry took part in almost all the major flights organized by the flying club of “Aviamarket.” The most famous flight with his participation: trans-Atlantic, Baltic, hop on U.S. flight to the North Pole and the flight from Moscow to Sakhalin.

Vadim Melnik
Aero Club pilot of “Aviamarket” helicopter enthusiast long journeys. He began his training in piloting the flying club in 2010 in a helicopter Robinson R44. Impinging on the R44 about 200 hours, I decided to master the helicopter R66. Total flight time on helicopters Robinson – more than 600 hours. Among all the members of the expedition, Vadim greatest experience of piloting a helicopter Robinson R66.

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The two R66s involved are registered RA-06345 and RA-06350

Nikolai Vanesev – Moscow correspondent

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