Concorde RG-224 Excels in High Cyclic Helicopter Operations

Concorde RG-224 Excels in High Cyclic Helicopter Operations

16-Aug-2013 Source: Concorde Battery

Concorde designed the RG-224, 24 Ah, RG® Series (recombinant gas) helicopter battery to fulfill a demand for a higher capacity battery on the Bell LongRanger and has received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. Numerous LongRanger operators have converted to the RG-224, using Falcon Crest’s STC SR09069RC, to reduce engine wear and increase battery life.

High cyclic operations are hard on aircraft batteries due to frequent starts with short flight times. This style of operation shortens battery life because there is not enough time in flight for the battery to fully recharge. The two consequences of a partial charge are decreased capacity and shortened battery life.

When a battery is not fully recharged sulfate builds on battery plates. The sections of the plates covered with sulphate are inactive and the battery is unable to provide full cranking capacity on the next demanding start cycle.  This decrease in capacity causes unnecessary wear on engine components. Air Ambulance and Oil & Gas fleets experience some of the highest cyclic operations. These operators have responded with surprise at the increased starting power and improved performance experienced after upgrading to the RG-224 packed with 42% more power than RG-222.

Aircraft batteries can be damaged beyond repair when they are discharged below 80% of their capacity. In high cyclic operations the capacity is slightly drained a little more on each start because a full charge is never achieved during a short flight. The higher capacity RG-224 provides more room for discharge before a full charge is required thereby extending battery life.

To extend your battery life and prevent unnecessary wear upgrade to Concorde’s RG-224 in your LongRanger using Falcon Crest STC SR09069RC.

Concorde designs and manufactures over 90 models of Original Equipment and direct replacement batteries for fixed wing and rotary aircraft and has a reputation for designing application specific solutions.  Concorde batteries are installed as Original Equipment by the majority of aircraft manufactures and adopted by military aircraft operators worldwide.

Manufacturing Military and Commercial TSO, FAA-PMA and OEM certified aircraft batteries for over 30 years.

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