CHC Statement on Sumburgh Aircraft Accident

CHC Statement on Sumburgh Aircraft Accident

25-Aug-2013 Source: CHC

[Update from CHC 11pm UK on 25th August] A CHC Helicopter AS332L2 aircraft landed in the water Friday (Aug. 23) about two nautical miles west of Sumburgh, on Shetland Island in the U.K. The helicopter had traveled from Aberdeen to two North Sea oil-and-gas rigs before returning to Sumburgh. The aircraft was on approach to Sumburgh Airport at about 6:20 p.m. local time when contact was lost with air traffic control.

We remain devastated by the accident that claimed four lives. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the victims, and their loved ones. The cause of the accident is not yet known and a full investigation is being carried out in conjunction with the U.K. Air Accident Investigation Branch. CHC people are diligently working to help people involved in the accident and to understand and meet the needs of our customers.

We believe that engineering and operating differences associated with AS332L/L1 and EC225 aircraft warrant continuing flights with those aircraft. Nonetheless, we canceled all of our Sunday (Aug. 25) flights on those aircraft types (except for those involved in life-saving search-and-rescue and medevac missions) in order to give us time to take stock of any implications associated with Friday’s accident, which involved an AS332L2 aircraft.

CHC plans to resume normal operations on Monday with AS332L/L1 and EC225 aircraft. We will continue to hold all flights worldwide involving AS332L2 aircraft, except for those involved in life-saving SAR and medevac missions.

In the U.K., consistent with a request by the Helicopter Safety Steering Group and until further notice, we will not fly AS332Ls/L1s/L2s and EC225s, except for life-saving SAR and medevac missions.

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