Soloy Aviation Upgrades AS350 Honeywell Conversion Kits

Soloy Aviation Upgrades AS350 Honeywell Conversion Kits

3-Sep-2013 Source: Soloy

To remedy the high rate of failure of a torque pressure transducer included in its AS350BA and AS350B2 Honeywell conversion kits, Soloy Aviation Solutions is now including a complete torque indication system previously offered only as an optional Service Instruction Kit.

“The high incidence of failure of the engine torque transducer has continued to be the number one cause of aircraft un-serviceability and unscheduled down time. This, coupled with a very difficult process of obtaining warranty consideration, has led Soloy to the decision that we can no longer include this unit in future conversion kits,” says Nick Parkinson, Soloy’s Business Development Manager.

Mr. Parkinson goes on to explain the background in finding a solution to this situation. “When establishing the parts list for the Soloy Honeywell engine conversions it made sense to use as many available Eurocopter parts as possible, in order to make the installation cost effective and easy to install.  As parts have become more difficult to obtain through the OEM parts procurement channel, Soloy has produced replacement parts as necessary. One of the parts that we have been buying from the European manufacturer that’s proven to be less than satisfactory with respect to price, availability and reliability, is the toque transducer part number 5352-6.”

Soloy began offering its own complete torque indicating system as an optional Service Instruction Kit in 2009. This kit, which includes both a transducer as well as a torque indicator gauge is proprietary to Soloy but is created from parts engineered and manufactured by well-known U.S. companies. It will now be included as standard in all future Soloy engine conversion kits. It will continue to be offered as a retrofit option to existing operators.

Mr. Parkinson describes the robust and reliable nature of the Soloy torque indicating system. “It includes modern technology indicator and transducers which are produced by manufacturers who supply thousands of units to the aerospace industry. The unit is self-calibrating to match the engines torque meter oil pressure at 96% (SD1) and 100% (SD2) and provides exceedance monitoring for all Honeywell engine limits. It is extremely reliable.”

Inclusion of this Service Instruction Kit as standard is expected to raise the cost of the Soloy engine conversion kit. However, Soloy believes the cost increase will be minimal. The reliability and eliminated worry over unscheduled downtime due to a transducer failure will more than outweigh the small cost increase.

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